Whether you celebrate New Year's Eve at home or at a party with a smooch waiting for you or in NYC counting down the ball drop or not at all, the inevitable WILL happen. Tomorrow the clock will strike at midnight and another year will be here already.

Can someone please tell me where the time has gone? Just as I begin to feel comfortable writing 2016 on documents rather than 2015 it's already 2017... It's become an endless cycle attempting to keep up with the time and relentlessly failing. To me, it was summer yesterday.

When did landlines turn into iPhones? What happened to 'Lizzie McGuire' and who is 'Liz and Maddie'? How did 3 x 2 = 6 turn into an unnecessary five-step procedure? And when did 1997 turn into 2017? I think I'm lost, can someone return me, please?

I came across an old photo album tucked away in my mother's closet the other day and instantly got swarmed with nostalgia looking at my carefree 6-year-old self. That little girl never thought about time and believed adulthood was eons away. Today, that 6-year-old is a month away from turning 20 and it seems like the past fourteen years have been a blur. In another fourteen years, I'll be 34 and I just beg the years pass much slower.

We have been taught and told "Time flies" from a young age but you never pay the phrase any mind until you arbitrarily observe how your parents move a little slower, that your child can't be lifted up anymore, or you are halfway through your sophomore year in college almost ready for the real world. Maybe if we believed the saying time wouldn't have passed us by so past but probably not.

Aware the two-worded cliche phrase is true, I pledge to embrace the entirety of each day. Too often we forget the value of each minute. No matter how bad we want the Earth to stop spinning on its axis and time to freeze, it will prevail and the new year will come. So until a time machine is mass produced (hopefully), don't blink because then you will be like me wondering where the time went.