Political debates have lost their educational value and become valuable only in the entertainment industry. The debates have become increasingly frustrating for the kind of viewer who actually wants to be informed on the candidates views and plans for our country. While watching the presidential debate on the 26th of September, I felt as if I had to dig through meaningless words and accusations in order to uncover the important information: the ideas of the two candidates. What should be the crystal clear main point of these debates is no longer the focus. Instead, the focus is on the ridiculous, loud yells of presidential candidate Donald Trump.

It was not difficult, however, to distinguish between the candidate's means of responding to the prompts and to one another. Trump tended to interrupt Hillary Clinton and Lester Holt obnoxiously, yelling out his opinions and attempting to overpower them with sheer volume. Secretary Clinton held herself in a much more dignified fashion when dealing with Trump, waiting for her turn to respond.

This evening, I had the pleasure of attending The Chimes "Political Panel" on campus. The panel contained representatives from all of the political organizations on campus. I was pleased to attend and witness the professional manner in which the Capital students presented themselves, despite their broad political views. It was organized and easy to listen to/follow along with. I was filled with pride to watch this wonderful aspect of our University's campus life.

I am happy, yet disturbed, to say that the presidential candidates could learn a thing or two about being professional from Capital University's political organization representatives. It is important to realize that overpowering your opponent is not the goal nor is it going to help you win. Rather, you should try to win through your ideas. Instead of increasing your volume, improve your argument.