20 Things My Younger Sibling Needs To Know Before I Come Home For Summer
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20 Things My Younger Sibling Needs To Know Before I Come Home For Summer

19. You may get thrown into the nearest body of water (lake/pool/ocean/river) more often than you like around me.

20 Things My Younger Sibling Needs To Know Before I Come Home For Summer
Nina Lunn

To my youngest sibling,

First, I’m going to have to apologize. In a few days, I’ll be returning home for the summer decompress after the school year and inevitably cramp your style. For months, you’ve had the run of the house and the majority of our parent’s attention. You figured out how to get by in a world with no older siblings to bother you every day. There are just a few things I need you to know about how my inevitable return is going to go.

1. I will fight you to get to the shower first.

2. There’s a good chance I might steal your pineapple shoes that are conveniently also my size.

3. You’ll notice a sudden increase in the amount of hair left everywhere.

4. I might play my music too loud, or too often.

5. While you play Fortnite, I’ll probably sit and watch so I can get better too.

6. Sometimes I’ll force you to go grocery shopping with me, because who else am I supposed to play paper towel football with?

7. When my friends or significant other aren’t around, you’re my backup movie date.

8. I will require your undivided attention when I have my weekly life crisis, and need someone to talk to.

9. If I have to drop you off at school or a friend’s house, I will play awful music and shout “Have a great day, sweetie!” as embarrassingly as possible.

10. You may get dragged on a run or to the gym when I’m lonely or need a personal cheerleader.

11. Your Xbox controller batteries might suddenly disappear every now and then, and my controller will magically be charged again.

12. I will need someone for ice cream runs who understands that I’m lactose-intolerant but still won’t stop me from eating as much dairy as I want.

13. Find your hiking boots because I don’t like going alone.

14. I might stock your room with tissues for when you eventually find me crying over the fact that I’m going to be a senior this fall.

15. If I find a wild animal that needs rescuing, guess who’s going to be my backup vet tech?

16. One morning you may unexpectedly find yourself waking up while we drive to the beach for sunrise, just to head back home right after and go to sleep.

17. When Netflix comes out with a new series that I desperately need to see, I’ll need you to binge it with me so I have someone to talk theories with.

18. If I get the urge to craft, I’ll need someone to talk me down from big life-changing DIY projects that should be left to the professionals.

19. You may get thrown into the nearest body of water (lake/pool/ocean/river) more often than you like around me.

20. When the new semester starts, I’ll expect you to show genuine sadness while I leave even if your only thought is “Thank God, she’s gone.”

I can’t wait to spend a summer back home with you, even if we’ll fight and get on each other’s nerves like we always do. It’s been lonely living in a room where I can’t shout goodnight to you through the walls. And I’m more than ready to make up for four months of being apart as fast as I can. See you soon, hope you’re ready for my return!

All my love,

Your (favorite) older sibling

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