20 Ways The Lion King Relates To The Bible

20 Ways The Lion King Relates To The Bible

Light shines on Simba and Jesus during their baptisms--and other ways the Bible is shown in The Lion King


Some may have never thought that Biblical truths could be found in any kids’ movie, nonetheless in any Disney movie. It may even be more surprising that they would be found in "The Lion King." For me though, the movie strikes me with truths that can be compared to the Bible and to God to my very core.

1. The beginning of the movie with "The Circle of Life”-the new life and celebration of the life of Simba, the new future king. God allows new life to be born, for His glory, every single day, whether it is in human form or animal form.

2. The way the light shines on Simba as he is presented to the entire animal kingdom reminds me of the way God shined light on His son Jesus after he was baptized.

3. The movie gives people a glimpse of more biblical lessons. For example, through Scar plotting to kill and eventually succeeding in killing his brother Mufasa, it may make you think of Cain plotting and succeeding in killing his brother Abel.

4. It also makes me think of the way Jesus had to overcome Satan and defeat him. The way Simba comes back and defeats Scar, and restores peace and order to the animal kingdom at the end of the film. Much like how Jesus was trying to restore love and peace in His Father’s kingdom and that He will come again to save those who believe in Him.

5. Another way the film teaches biblical lessons is when Mufasa gives Simba a lecture about how he deliberately disobeyed him by journeying into the elephant graveyard against Mufasa’s strict orders. Then Mufasa turns it into a lesson about how being brave doesn't mean Simba or anyone in life should go looking for trouble. Then he turns it around and forgives Simba of his sin and lets him know he loves him unconditionally. Just like how God or a parent can lecture children about what they did wrong, and then forgive them with unconditional love. God forgives us so we should forgive others with the same love.

6. When Mufasa tells Simba to look at the stars and tells him that the great kings of the past look down on him from the stars. He tells Simba to remember that He is never alone and to look to the great kings for guidance. During that scene, I often think of growing up, with my dad teaching me to always look for God and to pray whenever I feel alone or was dealing with any hardship. I often think of my family telling me to look to God and to trust Him, that He will always be there to guide me, and so will they.

7. The way Mufasa appears in the sky telling Simba to look inside himself and that he is more than what he has become, that part always gives me chills. The way he helped Simba understand what he needed to do for the sake of his kingdom, can be the same way God can talk to us through visions, through His word, or through prayer. He may be telling you how you can take your place and make a change for His kingdom as well.

8. The song, “Hukuna Matata”, reminds all of us not to worry and puts a fun, catchy spin on it. God tells us not to worry about anything, what we will eat or drink, what we will wear. He even asks us “is not life more important than food and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air, they do not sew or reap or store aware in barns and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them.”- Mathew 6:25-34.

9. The way Timon and Pumbaa create an everlasting friendship with Simba and even save his life can be compared to the way God wants a relationship with each of us, and helps us make lasting friendships with people in our lives.

10. Look at the way God could have been using Nala’s wisdom and hard hitting truth about the pride needing Simba and that it's his responsibility to go back to Pride Rock, otherwise the situation would get worse. That same knowledge could be in our lives in hard hitting truth someone telling us the truth even if we don't want to hear it. It could be Him speaking through Nala or any of us to our friend or family member in our lives.

11. Rafiki telling Simba to "look harder. You see he lives in you,”, when he looks for his father’s reflection in the water. If we look hard enough, we know God is living in each one of us. We must make the right choices to help better the world, and listen to what God tells, even if it's a hard choice.

12. Scar deceiving Simba about his role in Mufasa’s death can be compared to the way Eve was tempted by Satan to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden. Scar got Simba to believe that he was the one who caused the death of his father, Mufasa, much like the way Satan used deception to lure Eve to eat the fruit off the tree.

13. Scar telling Simba that it was his fault that Mufasa died. This scene could be compared to Satan making any of us believe the lies about ourselves, our past and even our future.

14. Scar telling the lionesses that Mufasa is dead can be compared to Satan trying to put horrid thoughts in our minds to make any of us forget God's truth.

15.When Simba finally returns home to Pride Rock after learning the truth about his past from both Rafiki and his father. He learned to face his past rather than run from it. He’d been blaming himself for his father’s death for so many years, but after seeing his father, he could put it behind him. This is like God helping us face our past and forgive ourselves for our past mistakes.

16. Simba also learned the true value of friendship in Nala, Timon and Pumbaa. He realized that they were not going to abandon him. Just like how God promises to never leave us or forsake us.

17. Scar letting Simba take the blame for Mufasa’s death in front of his family could also be compared to Satan trying to tell us to put the blame for something we did on someone else, so we don’t have to face the consequences.

18. When Simba confronts Scar about the murder of his father, and Scar turns the blame on the hyenas saying that they were the enemy. He realized he was caught in a lie he couldn’t get out of. This scenario is like the way Cain asked the Lord “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

19. Simba finally defeating Scar in battle and reuniting the animals at Pride Rock can be compared to Jesus’ victory over Satan on the cross and coming again for those who believe in Him.

20. When Simba and Nala show their newborn cub to the animals of the kingdom-this is like the new life we have in Jesus Christ through faith.

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