"Be selfish with your time, and all aspects of you."

1.Embracing failure 

2. Allow yourself to love again

3. Stop letting anxiety get in the way of everything

4. Put 100% effort into everything you do 

5. Realize #Adulting isn't as easy as it looks

Can we go back to being kids again?

6. Stay in more nights 

Netflix, wine, sleep... What could be better?

7. ...But also go out more 

The best memories come from late nights

8. Find something you're passionate about 

...And love it wholeheartedly

9. Set goals and stick to them 

10. Volunteer more 

11. Be more selfless 

12. Replace "Sorry's" with "Thank You's"

13. Don't be too hard on yourself

14. Accept rejection 

Interviews, internships, job applications...

15. Find more time for yourself

16. Take initiative

17. Stop comparing your success to others 

18. Realize everything takes time

Relationships, careers..

19. Invest in experiences, not objects 

Memories trump that new iPhone anyways...

20. Realize how fast time really goes

So, twenties... here's to endless opportunities and new memories