20 Truths About Working At An Amusement Park
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20 Truths About Working At An Amusement Park

Warning: Some truths may be a little harsh, but that is what makes them amusing.

20 Truths About Working At An Amusement Park

1. Communication is key

Honestly, for an amusement park to run it needs communication from everyone. Not just certain higher ups to certain employees, but information to all employees about the whole park so we know how to do our job and we can inform guests. It sounds simple but could get difficult.

2. Rain is a blessing and a curse

It all depends on what side you are on. Maybe it is hot, you have been standing for a while, and the rain gives you a break and feels good, but it also brings out angry guests that think you are mother nature and can do something about it raining. Sorry, but that is not in your job description.

3. Busy is better (sometimes)

Time flies when you are having fun, right? Well sometimes it does, but sometimes it just gets crazy and you have to do 5 things at once when you are only one person with two arms and two legs when most people think you have more than that and can be at two different places in the park at once. But at least there is always something to do.

4. Every department is important

Do not lie to yourself, you know you think your department is the best and the park could not run without you, but if you have ever been in or have seen a play, then you know every role is just as important as the rest. BUT shoutout to my admissions people who let the guests inside the amusement park for the others to have a job..just saying.

5. Every department has their own drama

You know, like when Sally from park services used Scott's plunger to plunge the toilet instead of her own, when Jason from rides did not show up to relieve Jordan from working the worst ride in the park, or when Kelly and Katie from admissions ended their friendship over a boy in attractions and now they cannot be in the same booth together.

6. You meet some of the nicest people but also some of the rudest people

One guest may be an angel and actually listen to everything you say, do as they are told, and not argue with you one bit. Then, all of a sudden, Mr. and Mrs. "I do what I want and you have to do what I say because I am your guest" stop by you and you remember why you once thought about moving to an island only occupied by you and your dog.

7. Necessary conveniences are a must

I know we are ONLY employees but I think we deserve a nice, big, clean break room with the right amount of breaks throughout the day, and bathrooms that do not look like a tornado hit them. But that is just me.

8. We make mistakes

NOBODY IS PERFECT. Yes, believe it or not, mistakes do happen and our guests need to realize that we try our best to make them happy. After all, they are at an AMUSEment park, but it is possible to make a mistake. Just hope it is a small one that can be learned from for the future.

9. We cannot make everyone happy, someone will always complain

A guest could be pampered to a tee but will still complain about one little crack on the floor. Enough said.

10. Things change constantly

Whether it be the prices, the amount of people in the park, where and when you are working, who you are working with, which rides are getting fixed, open all day, or just broke down, or the weather, things change and that is where No. 1 (communication) comes in handy.

11. People put words in your mouth

Oh, my manager told you to tell me that your child could go on this ride even though the child could clearly slide right out of the seat and die? Yeah, and I guess I said it was only $5 admission today because the person called me on the phone I have in my office. By the way, I do not have a phone nor an office.

12. You meet people from around the world

Maybe they are a guest. Maybe they are a fellow employee. Either way you learn about different cultures and maybe even make a new, long distant best friend and many memories.

13. If you work enough, you may have dreams of being at the amusement park

You wake up wondering if you still have a job because you messed up and got fired in your dream. Then, get to work and get scared because you have a feeling you should not be there. Either way, dreaming or not dreaming, you cannot leave the nightmare. Just kidding. Maybe.

14. There are a lot of cheapskates and stupid people

Truly, these people do make some fun stories to share with each other, but seriously, cheating is not okay and being smart is not hard. Obviously that is MUCH easier said than done.

15. You get annoyed when someone interrupts or asks a question you answered already in your spiel

"Please do not touch the side."

"Wait, so, can I touch the side?"


16. Saying "Walk Please" is a habit

Kids run all the time when they are not supposed to, but sometimes you have an urge to tell them to walk because you say it so much at work... even if it is at Wal-Mart at 11am.

17. You have to deal with angry parents

Yes, Carol, you do have to pay to come in and just walk around. I am sorry your back hurts. Yes, Carol, you may have waited 6 hours in line with your kid to go on this ride but your kid is too short. Goodbye.

18. If guests are nice to us we will be nice to them, but if they are not nice then we will do as we are told

Let me get one thing straight, it is NOT bad customer service if we cannot give a guest exactly what he/she wants, but if he/she is nice about it then we may be able to make an exception. A guest that is yelling/swearing and repeating their problem 10 billion times will get them no where but back to their car escorted by security.

19. It feels good to be remembered

Remembering a guest's name or something simple, like how they said they left their cat outside and hopes it does not run away is good. Mentioning something about it when they leave can make them feel special and want to come back again. Unless, of course, that actually was the case and their cat did run away. Also, if a guest remembers your name and something nice you did for them it means you did your job right.

20. There is a love/hate relationship with you and the amusement park

Some days it may be a great day and others it may be the opposite, but in the end the love for your co-workers, who are going through the same things you are, and the joy of making guests happy when things go right, overRIDE (get it) the hate and you are left with love. A type of love that no other work place could replace because there is nothing else like working at an amusement park.

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