20 Survival Tips To Remember First Semester
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Student Life

20 Survival Tips To Remember First Semester

Just a few little reminders to get you back and ready to take on another year

20 Survival Tips To Remember First Semester

Ahh fall semester, here we are back at it again with the responsibilities, the stress and pumpkin spice flavored everything. Having the obligation of adulting Monday through Friday makes it easy to get mixed up in all of what first semester brings. So here's a couple of little survival tips to help you regain or adjust your focus throughout the semester, and hopefully decrease your levels of teen angst or unneeded stress:

1. Make time for your g-frans

Girls rule and boys drool 90% of the time. Make time for your girlfriends regularly throughout your week to let off that extra steam that bae probably doesn't need to hear about. Plus, there's usually an assortment of big girl drinks during every vent sesh

2. Remove "diet" from your vocabulary

Obviously eating right and taking care of yourself is extremely important, but hey comfort food is serious biz. If you want a full calzone to yourself, girl, you have that full calzone.

3. Don't step on that scale

If you are happy and healthy, who cares about a number. Seriously. The only numbers you need to worry about are how many times you told yourself you are a strong independent woman who don't need no man every day.

4. Take each task one step at a time

I know, the struggle has made its way back into your life again for another semester. Professors expecting you to read seven chapters in book A, while translating the next five chapters in book B from Swiss German to Yugoslavian, AND memorize all twelve chapters for a cumulative exam that was yesterday... I feel you. But get yourself a planner and separate your to-do's into smaller more individualized bullet points that you can check off. Then, casually reward yourself with an Oreo Thin every time you complete a small task(3 Oreo Thins = 1 regular double stuffed Oreo). Just remember you're always chipping away at the bigger final project, even if your tasks are small.

5. Alone time is A-OK

You're not automatically downgraded to dweeb if you spend time alone with yourself every once in awhile. You live your life in a busy world, and unless you take the time to step back from it every so often it's easy to forget what being your own friend feels like. You're not crazy if you talk to yourself, you're only crazy if you talk back.

6. Take the hint he's giving you

If he's not into you, there's no way else to say...he's not into you. But girl, whatever, you're not into him either. Don't waste time on those who don't appreciate your inner #boss. Repeat to yourself that you is kind, you is smart, you is important over and over again until you believe it to be true. He's just one less delinquent to hold you down and distract you this semester. PLUS you just saved your budget from having to buy more $40 mascara.

7. Sleep is your friend... Therefore, dry shampoo is also your friend

When we say, "the struggle is real" we're including the struggle of having the time to wash your hair every time it gets greasy. I mean I'm all for singing in the shower, but I can do that in my dreams while I sleep an extra 15 minutes too.

8. Delivery saves lives

Cafe closes as 8, class gets out at 9, Chinese food is delivered by 9:30. Problem (brilliantly) solved. If you ever need guidance for good places to get the noms, go to GrubHub.com or download their app and just type in your school name. All you have to do next is just click on the two remarkable words, "Find Food" and it will bring up all the wonderful establishments that are willing to feed you at that hour.

9. Don't feel guilty for having a night in

10. Don't feel guilty for having a night out

11. Only feel guilty about the chicken nuggets the next morning

And for thirty seconds, and that's it.

12. When in doubt, shower it out

If the struggle goes far beyond dry shampoo and sleep maximization, your go-to bet is the shower. The only small, confined space where you feel most comfortable and most able to ponder your life decisions. And If that body wash that cost you $26 with a coupon and a student discount at Bath and Body Works isn't soothing your stress, your next feasible option is to prove to anyone in close vicinity, that you are the next songbird of this generation. You might have stage fright, you might have nodes, but you know what you have less of? Stress.

13. Call your parents

They're not average parents, they're not regular parents, they're the cool parents. They just want you to know that if you ever need anything to never be shy, okay? They're just waiting for you to call so they can ask, "Soo...what is up? What's the 411? What has everybody been up to? Whats the hot gossip?" Just tell mom she can zoom in on Instagram now, ugh you keep her so young.

14. Limit the amount of time you give yourself to get ready

Don't spend two hours on makeup, two hours on hair, and another hour rearranging your closet on your floor claiming that you have nothing to wear. Odds are you're going to sweat off all that makeup, your curls will fall out or your hair will un-straighten, and if you're lucky you'll get a vodka cran spilled on the outfit you just couldn't figure out. Solution: less time on contour and more time on drink pours.

15. Limit the amount of time you allow your self to study, don't over-study, but don't procrastinate

And again, reward yourself for the small things you accomplish. Like getting an A, or not forgetting to write your name down at the top of the page.

16. Only bring out a certain amount of cash to the bar, leave the debit card/credit card at home

You've always identified with Drake's lyric, "started from the bottom" but now that you've finished four mixed drinks, you've realized you actually identify with T-Pain's inspirational lyric, "Imma buy you a drank." And now all of a sudden you've somehow acquired the financial stability to make it rain and buy everyone and their half brother a round of drinks.

17. Ramen is not a major food group, don't make it one

18. Go for runs like there's Lulu Lemon sale at the end of your four miles

Or like your trying to flee the country after the election is over. Feel the burn in those legs girl, no pun intended.

19. Always abide by the 5 by 5 rule

If it isn't going to matter in five years, don't spend more than five minutes being upset over it.

20. But most importantly, try to conquer every day of this semester like Elle Woods

Like when she was told by Warner that she wasn't smart enough for law school. Whenever you're feeling a little out of your groove, bend and snap your way out of it. Then get back to studying and being the 10 out of 10 version of yourself.

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