Typically, as a dance teacher, you'll find yourself attending at least one or two dance conventions each season. Sometimes you'll wander around and chat with other teachers, watch your students take class, or even take advantage of the "Teacher Room" and take class yourself. You can always count on a convention weekend to leave you exhausted and stressed.

Whether you're competing or just taking class for the weekend, you'll always have an experience worth remembering. Over the span of 2-3 days, there are always plenty of thoughts that run through my mind.

1. "Alright...here we go."

I got this. Let's do it.

2. "Is it necessary to keep the ballroom pitch black and blast the music this loud for a Welcome Party? It's 7:30 am."

Nope. Nope. Nope. I don't got this.

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3. "Just let me find some coffee first, okay? Then you can ask me questions."

Because, priorities.

4. "Why does your dance bag need a chair? Your bag doesn't need a chair, I need a chair."

But actually, though. Put your bag on the floor underneath the chairs.

5. "Nuh uh, sweetheart. Put the phone away."

That's going to be a strong "no" from me.

6. "Say one more word to your friend while the teacher is talking. Just do it. See what happens."

You just don't do that. Ever.

7. "I lost one of the minis. We're missing a mini."

The biggest fear known to all dance teachers around the world.

8. "So, where's the Teacher Lunch?"

The best part of the whole weekend, am I right?

9. "No, really. I'm wearing a wristband, I promise!"

*Awkwardly shuffle around your items to show the security guard your wristband. (By items, I mean the coffee cups you're double-fisting).*

10. "Your parents really paid over $200 for you to sit there and not dance?"

I don't understand. I just simply don't understand.

11. "Yuck, it smells in here."

We all know the stench of sweat.

12. "What. Are. You. Doing?"

Are you even watching the teacher? Where did you get that from?

13. "Wait, so in the Teacher Room you're not going to kill me, right? My body doesn't work that way anymore."

You know, maybe I'll just watch instead.

14. "Someone please tell me why we decided to bring small groups to compete."

This is too much. How did we ever think this was a good idea?

15. "Look at all this space you're not using!"

*References the back half of the ballroom completely empty*

16. "What do you mean you forgot your audition number at home?"

You had one thing...ONE THING to remember.

17. "If I see one more cartwheel in the mini room!"

Enough said.

18. "Ooo, I could totally use this in class."

*Pulls out phone to Shazam song.*

19. "There is absolutely nothing longer than this scholarship ceremony."

My back hurts. I can't feel my legs. Getting out of here is going to be a nightmare because of traffic.

20. "I don't get Monday off?"

The amount of sleep I got this weekend: strong zero. The amount of things I got done this weekend: negative zero.