20 Thoughts I Have While Scrolling Through Pinterest

Ah, Pinterest. The black hole that sucks you in and never lets you go. You go on here to look up one thing and end up creating five new boards and pinning 150 new things you never knew your boards needed. It's a death trap, but it's truly a magical escape. It's like creating a life you've never had and you keep on pinning things just hoping one day that your Pinterest boards will come to life. As I endlessly scroll through my Pinterest feed wasting hours of my life, here are some things that run through my mind.

1. OK, I swear, I'm only going on here for 10 minutes this time...

2. Four hours later...

3. Why do all of these girls look so pretty?

4. Why doesn't my hair look like that when I braid it?

5. That eyeshadow is so sparkly, and I need to find out where to buy it right now.

6. I need to live in this mansion with the infinity pool and three glass fire pits.

7. I also need all of these puppies to complete my mansion.

8. All of these engagement rings look so pretty...I wonder which one would look good on my finger.

9. Spain looks incredible! And so does Thailand, England, Prague and Bali....

10. Ugh, why can't I pull off an outfit off like that?!

11. Omg, these shoes would look absolutely incredible on me.

12. This five-step recipe for barbecue grilled chicken looks delightful!

13. But I bet it's a recipe disguised as the worst tutorial ever.

14. Should I dye my hair? I am IN LOVE with this ombre trend.

15. All of these workout plans and cute boards with workout clothes on them make me feel bad for not going to the gym.

16. Then again, this recipe for how to bake mini apple pie scones looks even better than working out.

17. Should I start reading books again?

18. I wonder if I could ever be this trendy...

19. Or if I could ever get my nails to look that good...

20. I think I need one of these big fur coats like Beyoncé has.

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