20 Thoughts Every College Girl and "Sex and the City" Share

1. When you're creeping on social media and see a girls picture that your crush likes

2. When someone asks you about your political views

3. The week of your period

4. When you're back home on break

5. Finals weeks

6. While stalking your ex's new girlfriend

7. When your professor hands back a graded test and marks something wrong but the only explanation as to why it's wrong is "No!"

8. How you think you and your group of girls look out on a of drinking vs. how you actually look

9. When you're really horny but on your period

10. When someone comes to you about their problems and you don't care but you are trying to be nice about it

11. When all your friends are talking about their diets and you're trying to fit in

12. When someone asks you what you want for christmas

13. Coming back from winter break

14. When someone asks you if you want to go workout

15. When you're out at a bar, drunk and run into your ex

16. When he see's how many other guys you're texting and you try to explain yourself

17. When your mom calls you in the middle of hooking up with someone

18. When you call off work because you're too hungover and you're trying to think of an excuse as to why you're not coming in

19. When you try to justify your actions for last night

20. When someone walks in on you and someone else hooking up

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