As a longtime Gilmore Girls fan, you can bet i binge-watched the new mini-series; Gilmore Girls a Year in the Life. Like anyone watching the new show I had a lot of new thoughts and some that haven't changed since I first started the show. Here is what I was thinking during the new series.

1. Yup, Rory is still super annoying.

2. Kirk… they kept Kirk. And he’s still with Lulu. This makes my heart happy.

3. I want to be Paris Geller when I grow up.

4. Why are these episodes so long?

5. Can the Stars Hollow musical be real? Because I would watch it.

6. I miss Richard Gilmore a lot.

7. Forever wishing I was as cool as Lorelei.

8. We get it, Melissa McCarthy was barely in the re-vamp.

9. Luke + Lorelei= goals

10. Has Emily Gilmore always been such a honey badger?

11. I still don’t like Rory and Logan.

12. Christopher legitimately didn’t age.

13. So can I move into Emily’s new Nantucket home?

14. Still team Jess.

15. Yes, Paul Anka is still the best dog name ever.

16. *rolls eyes at something else Rory does

17. Of course Rory runs into Dean at Dosey’s.

18. Sebastian Bach came back. YES!

19. Why do I keep feeling like crying?

20. THAT’S THE ENDING????????????