20 Things You'll Never Hear A Staten Islander Say
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20 Things You'll Never Hear A Staten Islander Say

As told by the natives themselves.

20 Things You'll Never Hear A Staten Islander Say
New York Magazine

I'm a born and bred Staten Islander. I make fun of my borough all the time, but it still annoys me when outsiders try to do the same. I automatically think, Have you been here? Have you lived here your whole life? Probably not.

Therefore, the only people who can truly make fun of Staten Island are the natives. Below is a list of 20 statements that you would NEVER hear a Staten Islander say, from Staten Island natives themselves. Take a look:

1. "I voted for Hillary Clinton."

2. "I've never been to the Jersey Shore."

3. "EDM is stupid."

4. "My family dinners are too quiet."

5. "The Staten Island Train is so clean."

6. "People compliment me on my accent."

7. "Royal Crown is awful."

8. "Can't wait to take the ferry!"

9. "C-ah-l-uh-mah-ree." "M-ah-zer-ella."

10. "I've never seen The Godfather."

11. "What's a chicken roll?"

12. "None of my friends' fathers are cops or firemen."

13. "I love the beaches here."

14. "The roads are paved so beautifully."

15. "It only takes me five minutes to get across the expressway."

16. "My mom can't make sauce."

17. "I've never been to Ralph's."

18. "I love the Staten Island Mall."

19. "There's so much to do here!"

20. "I want to live here forever."

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