20 Things You Need To Stop Rushing Through
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Student Life

20 Things You Need To Stop Rushing Through

Stop and smell the roses.

20 Things You Need To Stop Rushing Through
Abby Sannizzro

More often than not we are constantly in a rush. We plan every last detail, worry about the future, and forget to live in the moment and enjoy life as it is. Here are 20 things you most definitely shouldn’t rush. If you catch yourself forgetting this and flying through your day, take a moment to stop and enjoy one of these 20 things.

  1. Picking the right college to attend
  2. Picking a college roommate
  3. Eating dinner with your family
  4. Going on a girl’s night out
  5. Cuddling with your dog before bed
  6. Shopping with your mom
  7. Taking a bubble bath
  8. Reading a favorite book
  9. Enjoying a cup of coffee
  10. Sitting outside and admiring the sky when it’s all lit up with stars
  11. Having a heart to heart with your best friends in your dorm room
  12. Mourning the loss of someone you loved
  13. Going for a walk on your own
  14. Sorting out your laundry so you actually have a pair of matching socks
  15. Picking out the perfect outfit for that interview you’re going to crush
  16. Digging through the sales rack at JCrew
  17. Getting to know the people important to your significant other
  18. Calling your family, especially your grandparents, every now and then
  19. Going for a swim on a hot summer day
  20. Eating an ice-cream cone at your favorite restaurant – unless its melting!

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