1. You always leave the house 10 minutes early on Sunday's because you know you will get stuck behind a buggy.... a lot.

It doesn't even bother you anymore.

2. You know exactly what the foods sweet bologna, scrapple, birch beer, and long johns are.

3. Blue Ball, Intercourse, and Bird-In-Hand are all just town names to you.

4. You were excused from high school for the farm show and the first week of deer hunting season.

And those were the best days off ever.

5. It really gets under your skin when people say "Lan-cas-ter" or "Lang-cas-ter".

It's lang-kiss-ter, come on people.

6. You live within a mile of an Amish farm.

Which means you are so used to the smell of manure, you don't even notice it anymore.

7. You are used to not being able to buy beer and wine from the same store.

And you have a preference of where you buy each.

8. You know that Wilbur buds are 100 times better than Hershey Kisses.

9. Fair season is your favorite season.

10. You ate dippy eggs more often than not as a child.

Ordering them in a restaurant in Lancaster is easy, ordering them anywhere else in the country is not.

11. You aren't surprised when you see things are cooked in lard.

12. Your heart broke when Freez-and-Friz closed its' doors.

Your heart also broke when they moved from across the airport. It just was never the same.

13. In the summers, you probably meet up with your high school class at Marion Court.

14. You get your free birthday breakfast from Shady Maple every year.

And it's worth it.

15. Root's Market and Green Dragon are two of your favorite places.

16. All family gatherings aren't complete without whoopie pies and shoofly pie.

17. You buy your produce from Amish stands, not the grocery store.

Because you know it's way better there.

18. You drive winding roads so often you can no longer drive in a straight line.

19. You've been asked if you're Amish.

Not everyone in Lancaster is Amish.

20. And even though strange things happen in Lanc, you always go back home.