Studying is hard. Studying is boring. Studying is no fun. If you’re human, you would probably agree with these statements. Although all of us college students do study, it’s not because we enjoy it. We do it because it promises us an end result if we are successful.

But as we walk to class or proceed with our days, we think about how we have a night full of notes and flashcards, and begin to cringe. So, as we make that miserable trek toward our study spots, we can’t help but think of what we rather have to endure than a night of bullet points and definitions:

  1. Watch paint dry.
  2. Listen to every Nickelback album, ever.
  3. Spill your coffee everywhere.
  4. Be that person whose computer isn’t on silent so something starts playing and makes it obvious you’re not paying attention.
  5. Be late for class and everyone stares at you as you walk in.
  6. Wait in line for 30 minutes at Chipotle.
  7. Have a Starbucks barista spell your name wrong.
  8. Pay $200 for an access code.
  9. Listen to another political rant while trying to get a sandwich in between classes.
  10. Have someone ask you if I’ve signed up to vote, again.
  11. Stub your toe.
  12. Walk across campus to find out the class was canceled.
  13. Wake up late for class.
  14. Put your shirt on backward.
  15. Leave your backpack open and everything drops out of it.
  16. Forget your calculator for math class.
  17. Miss the bus by 30 seconds and have to make the 45-minute walk.
  18. Mix your whites with your colors.
  19. Leave your sweatshirt in a 700 person lecture hall (and knowing that it’s long gone).
  20. Not have plans on a Saturday night.