20 Things Only Loyola Chicago Students Know And Relate To
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Student Life

20 Things Only Loyola Chicago Students Know And Relate To

Good or bad, they make our school unique!

20 Things Only Loyola Chicago Students Know And Relate To
Loyola University Chicago

From the trials and tribulations alongside the victories and the day-makers, Loyola University Chicago is an indescribable campus. From the wonderful Fran to the infamous line in Mundelein, here are some things that Loyola students know that are uniquely their school.

1. Ice cream can let you down, but only when the machine is broken -- other than that, never

Ice cream is the best friend of all best friends. Unless, of course, it’s de Nobili’s eternally broken-or-empty machine or Simpson’s more-likely-to-be-milk-than-ice-cream. But when those things happen, we're happy to have dining dollars. Am I right?

2. Fran is the best human at Loyola and the light of our lives

There is literally nothing better (except for maybe a working ice cream machine, and even then it’s equal) than being greeted by Fran as you enter Simpson Dining Hall. How can anything be bad after she tells you it’s such a great day, and you know she means it!

3. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, and there’s always an end to construction (at least for a bit)

Right now, there’s no visible construction we know about! Cudahy’s dome is done, the Schreiber Center is complete, and Damen Student Center has been built -- what else can there be to do? Well, they’ll find something, I’m sure.

4. Chicken nuggets can save lives

Whether it’s 9 o’clock and you’ve just had to leave your residence hall because of a sprinkler going off, or you’re coming out of that paper-writing haze, deNobili is reliable in at least one thing: the chicken nuggets at late-night. Nothing quite like the deep-fried bliss those six rationed pieces can give you.

5. "It’s cooler by the lake"

It’s true: Every single Loyola University Chicago student has taken at least one picture of the lake and put it on their social media. We can’t help it! It’s beautiful. We’re very lucky to have such a gorgeous campus. To hang out with friends or sit in a chair in the IC with such a picturesque view, day after day -- who wouldn’t take as many pictures as they could!

6. The Harry Potter Room

Any Rowling fan worth their salt knows that it really shouldn’t be called the Harry Potter Room, but it is what it is. It’s a great place to study -- and by study I mean think about the Wizarding World and try not to talk loudly with your friends, but it’s better than the Dungeon. After all, the Dungeon is where you exile yourself if you really want to get stuff done and also dive into a strange, suspended world where time passes both incredibly slowly and astonishingly fast.

7. The 24-hour locked doors at Cudahy

It's illogical to have working doors for a library and not be able to use them but instead have to walk through an entirely different library. We can see the doors right there. Who did this to us? Did you want us to pass by the IC Cafe in some sort of hope we would make the right decision and feed ourselves? Did you want us to think about changing our mind with every step? Did you want us to physically see the windows get smaller the further in we get, so that when we got out we would feel the world opening up again? Whatever it was, it’s cruel and unusual punishment.

8. Sister Jean is a Loyola celebrity and gift to humanity

An angel upon earth, deserving of everything. What else is there to say? This woman is so kind and generous, she really is one of a kind. Anyone who has ever had a conversation with her has truly had his or her life changed.

9. TBC doesn’t always mean "to be continued"

Loyola Students know that it means The Beijing Center!

10. St. Patrick's Day has a greater impact than fun level, and that’s saying a lot

St. Patrick's Day transforms to St. Baldrick’s at Loyola. This annual event hosted in Damen supports childhood cancer and features students who raise thousands of dollars shaving their heads, and it’s totally worth it! It’s a great way to see people get buzzed, for all the right reasons.

11. The Wellness Fair and Study Abroad Fair give away so much free swag

If you’re running low on any sort of thing, Loyola fairs are the place to get them! From water bottles to piggy banks, T-shirts to energy drinks, you never really know what they’ll have. Bamboo plants, beaded necklaces, and glitter jars, oh my! There is no excuse to miss fairs at LUC.

12. Tivo is our hero!

Loyola’s campus is full of hardworking, virtuous individuals. Tivo the therapy dog is no exception. But no matter who he’s seen in the day or how long of hours he’s worked, he’s always happy to see you, tail wagging and all!

13. The men’s volleyball team is where it’s at

Our volleyball team, simply put, is amazing. NCAA champs, easy to spot anywhere on campus, and they sing, too (see below)! Other schools might devalue their men’s volleyball, but Loyola knows the truth.

14. We have the best singers

(warning: the LUC trap video is explicit)

At Loyola,you don’t have to be some sort of fine-arts major to be loud and proud about how much you love your school. It’s the heart that counts, and that’s why our singers rock!

15. DePaul sucks

This doesn’t really need an explanation. Loyola students know we're the best. Done.

16. Jesuits are the coolest

Aside from Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuit order, our campus Jesuits are out-of-this-world fantastic. Seeing them around campus always means the day will be good. And does any other school have so many Jesuits that make people wish they would reconsider that "chastity" vow, or have one with a Yakarma (Yik Yak) score higher than most people can count?

17. The elevator line in Mundelein

Oh, the excruciating pain! Especially in the windy, biting cold. Sure, there are ways around it, and sure, we could take the stairs, but ... why? You can’t avoid it. Everyone at some time in his or her Loyola career has suffered through this dreadful situation.

18. Quidditch is dedication

Quidditch players have the terrible luck of being not as valued as the other sports teams, like volleyball or basketball. That’s why I’ve included them on this list -- even if they’re not as valued, they are a lot more visible. Playing on the Quad past dark, practicing in Halas Courts starting at, like, 10 p.m., and travelling around the state just to freeze in blizzards, we see you, Quidditch players, and we salute you.

19. Biosoap

Ah, yes, the dreaded Biosoap. Sure, it’s good for the environment, but at what cost? It looks nasty, it feels nasty, and it doesn’t smell so amazing either. Aside from Damen Dining, Biosoap is the number-one thing students look forward to getting away from when they can finally move off campus.

20. Our mascot should be a rabbit

This one is a no-brainer! With hundreds of bunnies running around at all times of the year, the Rambler Rabbits would’ve worked just fine! I mean, the Energizer Bunny is still going, SDSU has the Jackrabbits, but no, we’ve got Lu Wolf. Not to say I don’t love him, but maybe we made him in an attempt to frighten the bunnies away! Didn’t really work.
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