20 Things I Learned After 30 Days Of Being Vegan

20 Things I Learned After 30 Days Of Being Vegan

I never even learned this much during a month of school!

Let's be real, the idea of veganism is not one that comes with a positive connotation, take it from a girl who loves a good burger just as much as the next person! However, after getting exposed to some information regarding factory farming and the effects animal agriculture has on our planet I decided to take on the challenge of becoming vegan. The things I have learned in just the past month continue to amaze me so, ya know, it'd only fair that I share my knowledge with you.

1. I do not miss meat.

Tofu, tempeh, and bread fill those cravings very well.

2. I am not always hungry.

Since fruits and veggies are lower in calories than meat and dairy products, you can eat so much more of them for the same amount of calories! Which in turn, fills you up more.

3. Animals are responsible for 51% of greenhouse gas emissions.

Everyone is concerned with the amount of greenhouse gasses that are put out by vehicles, but that doesn't nearly compare to the gas emissions of animals.

4. I have saved the lives of 30 animals.

Everyday of being vegan saves the life of one animal!

5. Eating out isn't a pain.

Many restaurants have great salads, veggie burgers, veggie side dishes, pastas and the list goes on!

6. People will always ask questions.

How do you get your protein? Aren't you always hungry? What do you eat? Can you eat anything?

7. People will always criticize your choice.

People will say it's not healthy for you or that humans are meant to be carnivores, but my stance on this is that if my choice to be vegan doesn't affect you, you shouldn't worry about it!

8. Vegan burgers are just as delicious as meat burgers.

Have you ever had a black bean burger? How about a chickpea and corn burger? If not, take my advice and try one as soon as possible.

9. I have saved 33,000 gallons of water.

So much water is used in the production of animal meat that turning vegan saves 1,100 pounds of water a day simply by not eating animal products.

10. Oreos are vegan.

Score 1 for vegans.

11. Chocolate syrup is also vegan.

Chocolate soy milk anyone?

12. Vegetables aren't gross.

Have you ever had roasted cauliflower? To die for!

13. 80% of antibiotics in the world are for animal use.

With the concern about diseases and antibiotics reaching more poor countries, I feel that some of these antibiotics that are used on animals could be better used, oh ya know, on people?

14. You lose weight without really trying when turning vegan.

I take in less calories simply because I am eating nutrient dense food with a lower calorie count, which results in weight loss.

15. Eating plant based foods gives you so much more energy.

Take it from someone who took naps religiously before becoming vegan, and now wakes up at nine in the morning on a daily basis. Trust me, I wouldn't lie to you about something as important as sleep.

16. There is more protein in a serving of broccoli than a serving of meat.

Crazy right?!

17. Factory farms produce more than 50% of all food animals in the U.S.

When I really thought about it, I did not like the idea of my animal products coming from a place where animals aren't even given the chance of being treated humanely.

18. Being vegan is not more expensive than a normal diet.

Check it! "Forget Saving the Planet: Being a Vegetarian Is Cheaper Than Eating Meat"

19. Meat consumption increases the risk for cancer by a ton.

Like, an actual ton. Like, increasing the chance of colon cancer by 300% worth of a ton.

20. I feel like I am actually doing something to help the world.

Turning vegan started as a health thing because college had turned me to really bad food habits. After what I have learned about the food industry however, I don't see myself ever being able to return to a standard American diet ever again because, if anything, I care about my body too much to put so many chemicals in it.

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3 Popular Instant Coffee Brands That You Will Probably End Up Settling For When Starbucks Is Just Too Expensive

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Coffee is energizing, aromatic (structurally, as well), and pairs nicely with a book at the end of the day. Or in the morning. Or during the post-exam-dash-back-home-to-drink-more-coffee in that one hour break, I have between classes. Anytime is a good time to drink coffee. At least it is for me.

But being a caffeine addict, on top of having a small food budget and busy schedule, means I normally "settle" for the instant, just-add-water variety. I tried several brands until I finally encountered one that was acceptable to me.

Yes, I know I am a spoiled coffee snob.

Here are my thoughts on three popular and low-cost brands of instant coffee on the market.

1. Folgers

Leaves a slimy texture reminiscent of hair conditioner. The scent coming off a cup of Folgers conjures up images of old batteries. My opinion is especially significant, considering the fact that I have fewer-than-average taste buds on my tongue- meaning that I should theoretically be less sensitive to bitter, strong flavors than the average person.

The oily black residue this solution leaves behind makes me feel uncomfortable. However, this brand is usually the cheapest in my grocery store, and I'm sure adding tons of cream and sugar will cover up any of the flavors.

2. Maxwell House

Has an unoffensive yet unremarkable flavor, doesn't have much body in the flavor. Smells like cardboard pieces that have been boiled in water, with a hint of a coffee taste. Pairs nicely with a bagel though.

3. Nescafe Taster's Choice

I've stuck with this one because the flavor just falls short of richness. Also, adding triple the amount of the suggested coffee-to-water ratio makes for a hearty coffee with the proper bitterness that I'm accustomed to. This instant coffee brand is generally more expensive than the other two, though.

Despite my words, which partially come from a grumpiness induced by sleep deprivation- without instant coffee, I would be half as competent as I am now (for what that's worth).

Also, everyone obviously has different flavor perceptions. So take my criticism with a grain of instant coffee.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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The Official Ranking Of Villanova's Dining Halls

The Exchange was my biggest discovery of first semester.

One of the biggest adjustments for most college freshman is eating at dining halls and learning to eat what is offered. I’ve come to appreciate Villanova’s dining options, because there is no denying that there is an option for everyone. So whether you are a prospective Villanovan or an alumnus, I’m sure you’ll find this list to speak the truth.

1. The Exchange

This place was without a doubt my biggest discovery of first semester. Since I am not a business student, this incredible eatery in Bartley was foreign to me at first. The Exchange offers made-to-order fresh sandwiches and hot dinners of delicious dishes. You can always find this spot crowded at lunchtime and the tables around it packed. The downside of the Exchange is that they only accept food points or the Exchange upgrade meal plan. So if you enjoy this spot, make sure to save up your points!

2. Café Nova

A popular lunch option for most students, Café Nova offers different stations to cater to many different tastes. From burrito bowls, to sandwiches, to pizzas, this dining option is among my favorites, as it’s usually quick to get your meal and consistently delicious. The outdoor seating at Cova is also a plus during the spring and fall. As for meal plans, Cova accept MPEs only, but doesn’t require a specific upgrade like The Exchange.

3. The Spit

Located on the freshman South Campus, the Spit is one of Nova’s all-you-can-eat dining halls. The Spit offers the same daily hot meals as The Pit, but what sets it apart is the pasta, deli, and stir-fry stations each night for those who aren’t interested in the hot meal. The quesadillas and made-to-order pasta are just some of the reasons why sophomores find themselves missing The Spit immediately. There is also a ton of study space that makes it a popular spot late at night for students to socialize and get work done as well as hold events.

4. The Pit

The main all-you-can-eat dining option on main campus is The Pit, located in the basement of Dougherty Hall. The Pit often offers better desserts than The Spit, but other than that it cannot compare to the immense food stations at its counterpart. While definitely a good option for someone on main campus all day, The Pit’s selections are limited to the hot meal of the day and maybe one food station like a stir-fry bar. A plus is that The Pit’s salad bar is often stocked and full of choices!

5. Belle Air Terrace

Ranking as my least favorite option, Belle Air Terrace is more of a fast food location. They offer an all day breakfast line as well as a deli line and a hot food line with burgers, fries, and chicken. This is not my go-to spot mostly because I find the options to be more limited than the other dining halls. Students do enjoy this spot, however, because it has giant TV screens showing sports games and is housed in our student center.

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