20 Things You Know To Be True If You Grew Up In Small Town, USA
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20 Things You Know To Be True If You Grew Up In Small Town, USA

A big city is anywhere that has a Starbucks.

20 Things You Know To Be True If You Grew Up In Small Town, USA
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I grew up in a really small town. It was the kind of town that flourished with locally-owned businesses, had a town festival every fall, and really was an everybody knows everybody type of town. Although I’ve started to grow up and move on from my small town, it will forever be home, and these twenty things will forever reign true as things you know to be true if you grew up in a good ol’ small town, USA.

1. The phrase “Everybody knows everybody” is a harsh reality.

It might be the biggest small town cliché out there but you know it’s the truth if you’re from a small town. You know everyone and you know more about everyone than you probably should.

2. Whenever someone asks where you’re from, you just tell them the closest city because no one ever knows where your small town is.

Seriously, I can’t tell you the kind of weird looks I’ve gotten when I’ve told people I’m from Dublin, Indiana. There are people who live twenty minutes away from Dublin who don’t know where Dublin is.

3. And if they do know your small town, you want to freak out and hug them because that’s so rare.

I’ll never forget these moments because they’re beyond rare, but when people know your small town it’s the coolest thing and you become instant friends because of it.

4. High school football games are where you can find everybody on a Friday night.

Whether you’re sixteen, thirty-seven, or ten, the high school football game is the place to be.

5. You have to drive 30 minutes to the closest mall, Starbucks, or Walmart.

I’m kind of thankful for this because if there was a Starbucks in town I’d be beyond broke, but it is really annoying when you just want to go shopping with friends.

6. If you go to the grocery store you’ll run into your best friend’s mom, two of your elementary school teachers, and five cousins within ten minutes.

And this is why I avoid the grocery store at all costs.

7. Locally-owned businesses are everywhere.

The good thing about this is that you get to try some really good coffee or sandwiches in cute little cafes. Honestly, locally-owned businesses might be the best thing about small towns.

8. Diversity isn’t a thing here. 99% of the people in your town are straight, white, Christians.

People from small towns might get angry about this but it’s true. You don’t really experience diversity until you leave.

9. Everyone loves country music.

You can tell because whenever you’re stuck at a stoplight you can hear someone blaring a Carrie Underwood song.

10. There’s always that one super rich family that everyone envies.

One of the parents is probably a doctor and they own the nicest house in the neighborhood.

11. Small town famous means you probably played football in high school or were the homecoming queen.

Sure, a lot of really famous people come from small towns, but the odds of it being your small town are kind of rare. Small town Brad Pitt is usually the high school quarterback.

12. Everyone dreams of the day they’ll leave your small town but most people never get out.

I don’t understand why people would spend their every waking moment whining about how much they want to leave their small town if they’re never going to do it. The people who stay make up about 98% of the population, though, because nowhere ever moves into a one-stoplight town.

13. And the ones who get out never come back.

Maybe for their high school reunion, but that’s about it.

14. Whenever it’s time for the town’s annual festival, everyone gets beyond hype.

Seriously. It’s the greatest weekend of the year.

15. There really isn’t much of a dating pool.

Odds are everyone won’t be attracted to you or if they are, you’ve already dated them. Good luck finding a prom date when every possible option is already taken.

16. Small town gossip is the worst.

Mostly because it's way too personal.

17. You went to school with the same people from kindergarten all the way through graduation day.

Once again, no one new ever moves into a one stoplight town, sooo…

18. Everyone and their brother drives a really loud pick-up truck.

And they like to compete over who’s is louder at 11 pm when you’re just trying to go to sleep.

19. People hang out in the weirdest places in town.

In my hometown, there’s one street corner where you can find anybody who’s a somebody come Friday night. It’s kinda weird, but there really isn’t much to do in town so it makes sense.

20. A big city is anywhere that has a Starbucks and more than three stoplights.

Refer back to number 5.

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