20 Things You Find Yourself Saying While Working At A Daycare

20 Things You Find Yourself Saying While Working At A Daycare

"It's okay, your Mom will be right back!"

I spent this summer doing a lot of things, one of which included working at the local daycare. I loved (almost) every minute of it. Here are a few things I found myself and my coworkers saying on the regular.

1. "HEY!!!!!!!"

Whether you're excited to see your kiddos or you are saying it to get their attention, you've probably yelled this.

2. "No."

"Can we go outside now?" No. "Is Miss Jordan going to be our teacher today?" No. "Can we make sliiimeeee???" NO.

3. "Keep your hands to yourself."

When you are 5, there are not many things that are more important at being in the front of the line. Things get physical sometimes and you will have to say this.

4. "Get that out of your mouth."

9 times out of 10, it isn't food in their mouth.

5. "We don't put rocks in your mouth. Get them out of your mouth now."

It is appalling how many 3-year-olds love the taste of rocks.

6. "Eat what you have or don't eat at all."

That sounds mean, but there is no way you like the lunch mom packed yesterday, but don't like it today.

7. "Fire truck, fire truck..." or "The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout."

You aren't living until you find yourself on the floor for an hour with 2-year-olds singing nursery rhymes.

8. "Use your inside voice" or "INSIDE VOICES!"

Most of the time this one requires using your outside voice, but its whatever works, right?

9. "LINE UP!"

I wonder where we are going now!!!!

10. "Hugs and Bubbles"

11. "Walk down the hall... I said, 'walk!' QUIT RUNNING!"

12. "Do you want to go in time out?"

"No ma'am." Every single time.

13. "Why did you hit ____?"

Usually followed by "I don't know" or "it was an accident!"

14. "Throw that away."

Kids would keep every Lunchable comic if they could, even if they can't read it yet.

15. "Does your child have any allergies?"

They will be allergic to apples but can eat applesauce.

16. "Look how cute ____and so looks today."

17. "Go give this to Miss ____ next door."

18. "What happened? Let's go find a band aid."

To cut crying time in half, pray that the Band-Aid is Frozen or Paw Patrol.

19. "Hey, let's not do that."

When you're feeling nice, but that's not okay.

20. "I love this job."

You might repeat yourself 45 times a day and want to pull your hair out sometimes, but nothing beats getting to spend time with precious kids every day.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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8 Things To Know About The 911 Dispatcher In Your Life

In honor of National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week


For the first 18 years of my life, all I knew about 911 dispatchers was that they were the voice that came after the tone, from inside the pager on my dad's hip. The voice telling him where to go and for what. I had no idea after I turned 19 that I would soon become one of those voices. National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week this year is the week of April 14th-20th. I felt it appropriate to write my article this week focused on that, considering it is such a huge part of my life. For the rest of the world, it is just another week. For us, this is the one week out of the whole year that the focus is on the dispatcher, the one week where we don't feel so self-absorbed about saying what we do is nothing short of heroic. Here are some important things to know about the 911 dispatcher in your life.

1. We worry about you constantly

My biggest fear in this job is picking up the phone and hearing my loved one on the other end. No matter what the circumstance. The map zooms to the area of the county where my family and I reside, and my heart always sinks. I get a giant pit in my stomach because the very real reality is it may be someone I know and love. Don't be annoyed when we call you twice in one day or overly remind you to be safe. We are just always worried about our loved ones.

2. Our attention spans can be short

We are trained to get the pertinent information and details all within a matter of seconds. I can't speak for everyone on this, but I struggle a lot with paying attention when someone is talking to me, please forgive me if it feels as though I've stopped listening after a few minutes. I probably have. I've noticed that I listen very intently to the first couple minutes of a conversation and then my mind trails off. Nothing personal, just habit.

3. We have great hearing and multitasking skills

Most of us anyways. We can hear the person on the phone, the officer on one radio channel and the firefighter on the other, all at once. I have found that this skill comes in handy when trying to eavesdrop, also not as handy when you go out to dinner and can hear all five conversations going on around you. I have yet to master shutting that off when I am not at work.

4. We are hilarious

It could be a combination of using humor to deal with bad situations and spending twelve hours at a time in a little room together. But I think it’s that we are just freaking hilarious, nothing else to it. If you go the whole 12 hours without laughing, you're doing something wrong.

5. We have a very complicated love-hate relationship with our jobs

I love what I do, and I truly believe I was meant to put on that headset. Everything happens for a reason and my education plans out of high school didn't work out because I was supposed to be here doing this instead. I love what I do. I hate it sometimes too though. I remember specifically once taking a phone call about an hour before my shift was done. As soon as I got into my vehicle to go home, I bawled my eyes out and swore to myself that I was never stepping back into a comm center again. I hated my job with a burning passion that day. My next scheduled shift, I went back to work because I love it too. See, it doesn't even make sense it's just complicated.

6. We are tired

Believe it or not, this career can be incredibly exhausting. Someone once told me "You just sit at a desk for twelve hours, that can't be that hard." Physically that's right, we just sit there. Mentally and emotionally the first phone call of the shift can drain you and then you still have a little over 11 hours to go. I won't go into details on that but trust us when we say it was a bad call. We are tired. Some of my days off I just sleep all day not because I'm physically exhausted but because my mind needs that much time to recharge.

7. We are crazy

I really have nothing more to say other than no sane person would be a 911 dispatcher. We are all a little 10-96 in the best way possible.

8. We love harder than most

We love strangers we have never met, we love our officers that piss us off daily over the radio (we piss them off too) and we love our co-workers that drive us nuts sometimes. It takes someone incredibly strong to save a life through the phone and someone even stronger to go back after they didn't. With that strength comes a weakness of vulnerability, we know our hearts will break more often than others, and we still continue to put on that headset to help others. The people with the biggest hearts work in a dispatch center. If you are lucky enough to be loved by one don't take them for granted.

The list could go on and on. Dispatchers possess so many skills and qualities that most people will never acquire in their lifetime. People think 911 and picture the police officer, the firefighter, the paramedic often completely forgetting the 911 dispatcher. For us, that's okay because other than this one week out of the year, we don't expect praise or thank you. When it comes down to it, we love what we do and we would do it no matter what.

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7 Rookie Mistakes Indoor Gardeners Make

7 common pitfalls of indoor gardening and how to avoid them


It's springtime and you want flowers, I get it, I do too. But as I've learned plant care is a lot more than picking up a basil plant at whole foods and making sure the soil is moist. It happens to me every year around spring and summer. I go to the farmers market and pick up some mint, rosemary and the basil plant that never ceases to die on me. If I'm lucky only after harvesting once or twice.

Even though it sucks being in North America where you can't reasonably grow plants for food year-round without serious thought and effort, this year I took matters a little more seriously. I knew thousands have successfully grown and cared for simple indoors plants so I decided to give it a try. I quickly found out how clueless I was. I never considered how much equipment was required or how easy it can be to get carried away. I feel like what caught me off guard the most was how much I ended up caring about these plants individually. Throughout my journey, I've picked up a couple of tips you might want to keep in mind.

Gaelle Gilles

Not monitoring humidity

I think we all know to check our water but some plants are fickle and require a little extra care. I picked up a prayer plant because it was absolutely gorgeous and essentially calling out my name. But turns out it's extremely temperamental and shrivels up when hit by direct sunlight. It also likes moisture like a lot of moisture. It's an Amazonian plant that likes a lot of moisture. thankfully I have a diffuser that seems to help, and now I have more reasons to stack up on essential oils.

Not buying starting soil

So if you're like, me then around springtime you raid the aisles for your next seed starting adventure. I usually pick up a packet or two with huge plans that never come to fruition. I usually pick up those cute pots at the 5 below that have the soil pellets in them. WATCH THEM GROW!! But since I was trying for a few plants I picked up a seed starting kit and found myself with no soil. No worries I'll get some topsoil from outside, right? False, seed starting soil is necessary in order to grow thriving plants. Back to the store I go...

Gaelle Gilles

Glossing over plant care instructions

I know I'm not the only one who's picked up some tulips or roses at the store just to gloss over that care card they stick in the soil. It's so straight forward. Full or partial sun, moist or moderately soil and some temperature guidelines that I ignore because. Hey, I don't run the weather. I toss them and regret it three days later when the plant loses its luster. I know they're not ascetically pleasing their are necessary at least until your comfortable knowing the plants needs.

Not knowing your plant

This goes with the last statement. I hauled a bunch of seeds and containers from 5 below. They're touted as easy to care for and grow, but it's so misleading. I purchased a chamomile and lavender seed combo only to find out that lavender seeds take weeks to germinate and even longer to flower. While the chamomile took about a week. It's not ideal to have them in the same pot. Now I'm in limbo hoping my lavender will sprout.

Gaelle Gilles

Not knowing basic plant care

This may seem redundant but it's not. Knowing about and caring for one plant differs from caring for several. When you start to accumulate plants it's good to read about general plant care to know the different types of plants and how their needs vary. When you get to know more about horticulture, you'll notice plants can be placed in groups depending on their needs.

Being too ambitious

Being a plant lover walking into a nursery is like being well a journal lover walking into the journal isle at Target. I want everything, all those gorgeous plants and flowers. The more green stuff the better. But it's almost like taking in a pet, you have to get them ameliorated to your environment and learn to care for them before adding others.

Gaelle Gilles

Not having a plan

All of these mishaps could have been avoided if I started with a plan. Going to Home Depot and picking up whatever sounds nice is okay if your willing to invest some serious time and cash in the back end. It's better to think about what your needs are, what your space can handle. A good rule of thumb I follow now is “don't find a space for your plant but find a plant for your space".

*Don't forget to have fun with it

Gardening indoors can seem like a challenge but there are tons of plants that can thrive in a small or poorly light space. I'm a fan of climbing foliage and love the string of hearts plant. Looks beautiful and is relatively low maintenance. Also if you're green thumb is close to rotting away, pick up some succulents. They're a hardy plant that can take whatever you throw at it.

Happy gardening ;)

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