I spent this summer doing a lot of things, one of which included working at the local daycare. I loved (almost) every minute of it. Here are a few things I found myself and my coworkers saying on the regular.

1. "HEY!!!!!!!"

Whether you're excited to see your kiddos or you are saying it to get their attention, you've probably yelled this.

2. "No."

"Can we go outside now?" No. "Is Miss Jordan going to be our teacher today?" No. "Can we make sliiimeeee???" NO.

3. "Keep your hands to yourself."

When you are 5, there are not many things that are more important at being in the front of the line. Things get physical sometimes and you will have to say this.

4. "Get that out of your mouth."

9 times out of 10, it isn't food in their mouth.

5. "We don't put rocks in your mouth. Get them out of your mouth now."

It is appalling how many 3-year-olds love the taste of rocks.

6. "Eat what you have or don't eat at all."

That sounds mean, but there is no way you like the lunch mom packed yesterday, but don't like it today.

7. "Fire truck, fire truck..." or "The itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout."

You aren't living until you find yourself on the floor for an hour with 2-year-olds singing nursery rhymes.

8. "Use your inside voice" or "INSIDE VOICES!"

Most of the time this one requires using your outside voice, but its whatever works, right?

9. "LINE UP!"

I wonder where we are going now!!!!

10. "Hugs and Bubbles"

11. "Walk down the hall... I said, 'walk!' QUIT RUNNING!"

12. "Do you want to go in time out?"

"No ma'am." Every single time.

13. "Why did you hit ____?"

Usually followed by "I don't know" or "it was an accident!"

14. "Throw that away."

Kids would keep every Lunchable comic if they could, even if they can't read it yet.

15. "Does your child have any allergies?"

They will be allergic to apples but can eat applesauce.

16. "Look how cute ____and so looks today."

17. "Go give this to Miss ____ next door."

18. "What happened? Let's go find a band aid."

To cut crying time in half, pray that the Band-Aid is Frozen or Paw Patrol.

19. "Hey, let's not do that."

When you're feeling nice, but that's not okay.

20. "I love this job."

You might repeat yourself 45 times a day and want to pull your hair out sometimes, but nothing beats getting to spend time with precious kids every day.