1. First you leave and think, "It’s okay, I’ll see you soon!"
  2. Then you FaceTime your parents and see your dog.
  3. You shout its name into the phone.
  4. But of course they can’t even tell it’s you.
  5. It’s pet therapy weekend and you’re having fun petting the baby goats.
  6. Which at first relaxes you.
  7. But then it’s over and you remember your dog and feel sad again.
  8. Finally you get a mini-break in October to visit your family.
  9. And of course your dog doesn’t even remember who you are.
  10. But soon you are back to being BFFs.
  11. Yet college life and midterms await you.
  12. Now you are looking at all the cute pics you took with your dog.
  13. You brag about how much better your dog is compared to your friends' dogs.
  14. It’s finally Halloween and you are texting your mom and asking her what she dressed the dog up as but all she can say is:
  15. But then she sends you the cutest costume you have ever seen.
  16. Now you are counting down the days to Thanksgiving so you can eat real food.
  17. But more importantly see your beloved dog.
  18. I mean it’s basically your baby.
  19. Once Thanksgiving break is over you only have a couple more weeks till you see your dog again.
  20. Who fills you with joy.

So let the Holiday season begin!