20 Songs For Your Summer Soul: Part 2
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20 Songs For Your Summer Soul: Part 2

The second edition of the ultimate playlist dedicated to summer.

20 Songs For Your Summer Soul: Part 2
Kevin Meredith

As a defiant cry against July's end, I have compiled yet another list of songs and artists that I believe are a worthy soundtrack for your summer soul. Enjoy the following.

1. "Ocean to City" by High Highs

A duo of two, High Highs make their home in Sydney, Australia. "Ocean to City" is a lover's plea for their beloved to stay, no matter the distance, "Stay with me, ocean to city. If there’s a world, I feel if I can see so clearly."

2. "Time to Run" by Lord Huron

This American indie folk band's sound is the perfect summer road trip jam. "Time to Run" is no exception, telling the story of a love that refuses to be tied down; "I'm going soon, gonna leave tonight by the light of the moon. I did it all for you, well, I hope you know the lengths I've gone to."

3. "Towers" by Bon Iver

Bon Iver's unique sound could not be lost on this playlist. Much like the theme of the first two, "Towers" draws a similar resemblance, in asking a lover to stay close, despite confusion and turmoil. "Well, youʼre standing on my sternum, don’t you climb down darling."

4. "Let Go" by RAC

RAC, an indie-electronic band, sings of, you guessed it, love. "Let Go" is the realization of someone's worth, in that while the world around them begs to define them as "a monster," the singer sees that they are truly, "a child" and "a gem." "And they ask how I can love you, when all they see is this. But I see the things that you can't contain and what it does to you."

(special thanks to my bud Tori who shared her love for this song with me)

5. "Contact High" by Architecture in Helsinki

Yet another Australian band, Architecture in Helsinki's "Contact High" is both unique and upbeat, with inviting lyrics that sing, "Lost in the ether with no one to blame. It's silent down here, maybe I want to get loud again."

6. "Blue" by Marina and the Diamonds

Marina, ever the distinct individual whose songs of love and loss are all-too relatable in the world of heartache. "Blue" accurately fits this description, as Marina sings, "Gimme love, gimme dreams, gimme a good self esteem...I don't wanna feel blue anymore."

7. "Heart It Races" by Dr. Dog

"Heart it Races" (originally by Architecture in Helsinki) is covered in this version by the American rock band, Dr. Dog. This personally preferred edition contains optimistic and uplifting beats, with lyrics that read, "And we're slow to acknowledge the knots in our laces, heart it races. And we go back to where we moved out, to the places, heart it races."

8. "Who Knows Who Cares" by Local Natives

Local Natives, a personal favorite, finds their way again on a playlist of mine. "Who Knows Who Cares" is oddly hopeful, revealing that through life's difficulties, downfalls and confusion, that "even with your doubts, it's okay," because after all, "who knows, who cares."

9. "WHALE" by Yellow Ostrich

"WHALE," is a fun-loving song, telling the story of a metaphorical (and perhaps literal) whale. Yellow Ostrich sings to it as a trusted friend, guide, and getaway, saying, "Whale, come with me whale! We will go far into the blue, you will take me onto your back, never look back."

10. "I Am What You Want Me to Be" by The Jungle Giants

With consistency, The Jungle Giants capture what it means to love someone with confidence, knowing that everything you are is everything that they need. The lyrics read, "Cause I am a man, I am a star, I am here...I am what you want me to be."

11. "Float" by Pacific Air

Brothers Ryan and Taylor Lawhon are the faces behind Pacific Air, releasing "Float" on their 2013 debut album "Stop Talking." This particular song is full of questions and difficult decisions, with the singer ultimately wanting to be released from all of life's gripping worries; "No the girl won't stay...will you let me float away?"

12. "1901" by Phoenix

Like Local Natives, Phoenix finds themselves again on a summery playlist. 1901 has been a consistent jam for many years, "And I’ll be anything you ask and more...it’s not a miracle we needed, and no I wouldn’t let you think so, fold it."

13. "Scenic World" by Beirut

American band, Beirut, capture hope with beauty, despite the mundane, using beautiful sound and simple lyrics. "Scenic World" reads, "When I feel alive I try to imagine a careless life, a scenic world, where the sun sets are all breathtaking, breathtaking."

14. "Birds" by Coldplay

Coldplay, the famous rock band hailing from Britain, are vital for any summer soul. "Birds" is found on their newest album, "A Head Full of Dreams," and is one of the most upbeat on this list. Like the songs listed at the beginning, lead singer Chris Martin wishes to keep a lover close in times of turmoil. "It's a fools gold thunder, it's just warning rain. Don't let the fears just start, what if I won't see you again...come on rage with me."

15. "Swimming" by Breathe Owl Breathe

"Swimming" is arguably the number one, best song to listen to by the pool (if not already immersed in the water). This musical group from Michigan sings of relaxation and wonder by the water, "You'll never hit bottom, you'll never grow tired of this wonder you're under, water."

16. "Cannons" by Youth Lagoon

Youth Lagoon, otherwise known as Trevor Powers, is an indie musician from Boise, Idaho. His unique and soft sound cry out as a reminder that words can carry pain; "And though the shot won't kill me it still bruises skin, that you don't believe in what your mouth runs."

17. "Nova Scotia" by Magic Man

Electronic rock and emo band, Magic Man, first released "Nova Scotia" on their 2013 EP, "You Are Here." This song tells the story of someone who seems lost, as the singer asks, "Tomorrow turned into yesterday, why'd you take your time?"

18. "Come Down" by Team Me

Indie-pop Norwegian band, Team Me, are both creative and thoughtful in sound. "Come Down" wishes for complete contact with someone who seems emotionally far away, singing, "So come down...and join all the others, 'cause we're not as boring you think we are, no, not at all."

19. "Pioneers" by The Lighthouse And The Whaler

Ohio band, The Lighthouse And The Whaler, sing of a love that wishes to illuminate during difficulties, in "Pioneers." The lyrics read, "Hold on, I feel like you could shine a little brighter, my love, just like you did when you were younger."

20. "Defiance (For Elise Sunderhuse)" by Emperor X

And lastly, we have "Defiance" by American singer-songwriter, Chad R. Matheny (also known as "Emperor X"). Matheny sings with incredible passion against a loved one lost, saying, "It's an ordered state, it's a firm substrate. It's a shocking priceless wasteland, and it's where we'll raise our kids and get lost and defy."

I truly hope you enjoy these tunes, as you jam your little heart out for the rest of the summer.

All of these songs (plus a few more) can be found here!

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