I just binged Grace and Frankie for the first time and I honestly could not relate more to the two leading women. I am just your average 24-year-old, going on 74. Grace and Frankie are your favorite 70 somethings, so who better to explain your 20s to you?

1. When we get in our feelings.

2. When your bra is annoying TF out of you.

3. When you're just trying to be antisocial and your friends have the audacity to come over.

4. When you are being considerate AF.

5. When you cannot put your feelings into words.

6. When you need to get straight to the point.

7. When you get that post wisdom teeth joyride.

8. When a stranger tries to make small talk with you.

9. Accepting real-life opposed to unrealistic beauty expectations.

10. When you are trying to keep your priorities in check.

11. When you just want to run away from life and its daunting responsibilities.

12. When your friends come to you for important advice.

13. When someone tells you to "calm down," or to "take a deep breath."

14. When you have stinky breath.

15. When your BFF is your soulmate and you wanna tell them how much you love them.

16. When someone's trying to bullsh*t with you.

17. When you're having a healthy discussion about sexuality

18. When some asshole is trying to kill your vibe.

20. When you are tight on cash but still trying to stay healthy and organic.

21. When you need to check someone.

22. When you accidentally pee a little on your Ryan Gosling face chair.