20 Signs You're From Gainesville, Georgia
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Student Life

20 Signs You're From Gainesville, Georgia

G-Vegas forever

20 Signs You're From Gainesville, Georgia

Little ole Gainesville, Ga. Most people have heard of it, or know someone who lives there, or maybe they've seen it on the map. It sits a bit below Helen and a bit above Buford, just east of Cumming and just west of Commerce. The bustling metropolis of roughly 35,000 people is the chicken capital of the world and home to the only Super Kroger in Georgia. If you're from here though, you understand a few of the idiosyncrasies that come along with living in or around this city.

1. There is no "just going through Gainesville."

Traffic is awful. No matter what time of day (or night!) you drive through, it always takes you at least 20 minutes to get from Dawsonville Highway to 129 or Clark's Bridge Rd.

2. You remember when Lakeshore Mall was a big deal.

After the Mall of Georgia moved in, it really began to lose some steam. Books-A-Million forever, though.

3. You know which Longstreet is the real Longstreet.

Whatever to the Longstreet off of Queen City. What even are you?

4. You still don't understand why they moved the Chick-fil-A.

You made it so much more difficult.

5. Trying to explain to people who are not from the area that they are nowhere near I-85.

And, no, if you take this road north you will not end up in South Carolina.

6. You live in the chicken capital of the world.

Chicken trucks and processing plants galore.

7. UNG Gainesville is not located in Gainesville.

It's in Oakwood, you jackwagons.

8. Driving on Green Street makes you fear for your life.

Always a near-death experience.

9. North Hall is where all the rich folks live.

Not really, because I live in North Hall and I'm really po,' but Nathan Deal's son lives up this way, as do a lot of other well-to-do-er's.

10. Atlanta Highway.

The only place to grab the best ice cream, tapas, and really awesome Hispanic cuisine. Always has traffic for days though.

11. You either love Lake Lanier, or you avoid it at all costs.

Maybe I'm a bit biased here (my dad works on the lake), but that lake is disgusting and spooky.

12. The parks however, are awesome.

Wilshire trail also has the planets walk!

13. It's not downtown, it's the square.

If you say downtown Gainesville, locals literally don't know what you're saying

14. Johnny's BBQ.

Enough said.

15. If you have to get to Cleveland, it's a shorter distance to use Clark's Bridge, but people drive at least 10 miles under the speed limit, so you take 129.

16. There are far more red lights than necessary.

Remind me again why Dollar Tree gets one?

17. Spring Chicken Festival.

Back to the chicken capital of the world for more chicken!

18. The prettiest little houses are tucked all around town.

Just like out of a movie.

19. People still rep their '96 Atlanta Olympics shirt in honor of the rowing center off Clark's Bridge.

My mom has one, too.

20. And, lastly, this video (thanks to my awesome husband for enlightening me).

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