20 Signs You Went To Owen J. Roberts High School
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20 Signs You Went To Owen J. Roberts High School

20 Signs You Went To Owen J. Roberts High School
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Although it's impossible to cram four years and all of the people and experiences of Owen J. Roberts into one article, here's a few things recognizable to those who went there/ go there.

1. Bucktown

The school is not in Pottstown, it's in Bucktown. Bucktown is home to only about a dozen businesses, a neighborhood, and the school but it exists and you're very proud to make fun of that fact.

2. Pictures with the stone wildcat It's so cliched but you'll definitely do it anyway.

3. Hall and Oates

You were subjected to listening to the 80s hit band innumerable times just so the school could remind you of their most famous alumni.

Bonus: you can recite the entire story that Darryl Hall went there and then met Oates at college, etc. since you heard it enough over the years.

4. The terror of the parking lot

Home to countless car accidents, people making their own spots outside of lines, and the general idiocy of people who literally got their license yesterday in the same parking lot.

5. Cowboy boots

One year featured 27 pairs under graduation gowns (I was bored and counted)

6. Terrible school attendance once hunting season starts

Maybe they're there and you just can't see them on account of all the camouflage worn in school.

7. "Chevy Malibu" means something to you

Even if you don't care about cars you know this particular car for a very particular reason.

8. It's OJR or Owen J.

Nobody has the time for the full title.

9. Honors Chem strikes fear into your heart

Try to take this class without doubting every life decision you've made at least once, Miss/Mr. ____

10. The Band

There's a small army of loyal members of the concert and/or marching band. They are always awesome and only occasionally terrifying. Even the band equipment truck brags the band's accolades: "The Pride of OJR"

11. Inspiring Each Student for Success today...

Has anyone ever finished this sentence without someone nearby rolling their eyes?

12. You know which teachers are best friends

They will interrupt each other’s classes and you will not question it. There are definitely framed group shots in their classrooms.

13. The teachers' yearly Halloween battle.

So many departments, so many weird-themed costumes.

14. Bad Algebra

You were probably criticized at least once for bad algebra or bad calculus

15. Dallas Fries

Whether at football games or those exciting times when they came to the school, Dallas fries was the highlight of your day.

16. When the parking lot neighbors (aka the middle school) made that video.

Everyone saw it and was both amused and confused.

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17. School Spirit


18. Spirit days

Camo day, farmer's day, Bucktown day, and plaid day were all spirit days and they were all considered extremely different in attire. These were the only times the school ever had decent participation.

19. Having Facebook groups for some of your classes

Using said groups for memes, making fun of one another, and asking if the homework due to tomorrow is really due tomorrow.

20.High School Musical jokes

We get it. The movie was red and white Wildcats, we were red and white Wildcats. It's hilarious. You're probably sick of the overkill amount of jokes made by everyone from the cheerleaders to the administration. You will absolutely make your own jokes anyway.

Good luck this year OJR!

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