20 Signs You Grew Up in Doylestown, Pennsylvania

20 Signs You Grew Up in Doylestown, Pennsylvania

The good old times.

The good ol' Dtown, known for its pretty scenery and unique culture. As much as you may have wanted to get out, there is truly nothing better than coming back to where you grew up and reflecting on previous moments in your life. Growing up in this suburban town was definitely a good experience, and there are many tell-tale signs that you are in fact from Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

1. You used to play at Kid's Castle often.

2. You've eaten a copious amount of food at Spatolas after school days.

3. You've taken elementary school field trips to Peace Valley Park and occasionally still get some scenic pictures there.

4. First Friday's in town used to be the ultimate hang out spot before they were taken away.

5. You've taken or witnessed countless photo opportunities outside of Fonthill Castle.

6. You've spent many summers at one of the New Jersey beaches.

7. Hurricane Sandy got you out of school, work, or other obligations for weeks in 2012.

8. You've celebrated at least one person's birthday at the Ooka hibachi right in town.

9. You've seen a movie at the county theatre, or at least, wanted to.

10. You know the importance of Wawa and how essential it is to get a breakfast sandwich and coffee there before school, regardless if you're late.

And you know the unfortunate truth that you will always see someone you know in there, even when you don't want to.

11. You're completely aware of the CB East and CB West rivalry and know that CB South is forever irrelevant.

12. You still remember the town's excitement when they built a Chipotle and a Panera.

13. In elementary school in the summer, your parents sent you to Summer Kids, Windmill Day Camp or Camp Curiosity.

14. Every October, you've spent days at Pumpkin Fest and nights at the Shady Brook Farm and still aren't scared.

15. When you were younger, your parents forced you to walk around Peddler's Village, and you still go there for the Grand Illumination during the holiday season.

16. You've waited in line for way too long in freezing cold weather to get free water's ice on the first day of "spring" at the Rita's in town.

17. When learning how to drive, you were taught three main things.

How to drive through the endless construction around town, how to be cautious so you wouldn't hit a deer and how to avoid the worst potholes in the world from the snowy weather.

18. As a kid, you've been to a birthday party at Paint N' Pottery, the Doylestown Rock Gym, the YMCA or Fanny Chapman.

19. You've gone to many events in the heart of Doylestown, such as the Memorial Day Parade.

20. And a little part of you still loves it here, no matter what you say.

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Cover Image Credit: Hannah Gabaldon

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living with guys isn't the most glamorous, but it is so much fun

Having guys as roommates is...


For the past two summers I, a 20-year-old girl, have lived with boys.

First and foremost, living with boys as roommates is a lot of fun. Growing up with a sister as my only sibling, it's a completely different lifestyle living with guys.

Boys love to party, you can always count on them to have some sort of beer in the fridge. And they're pretty much always willing to share a few. But, you'll find their beer cans and other trash EVERYWHERE.

You can ask as many times as you want for the boys to do the dishes. They won't. They probably think there's a magic cleaning fairy that comes around...nope, it's the girls. But, they will kill any roach or spider in the house, plus, they'll help you with the heavy lifting (not that the ladies always need it!!).

The toilet seats will never be down. And the little hairs from them shaving their beard will also be all over the sink. It's no worries though, they go down the drain easy enough!

Guys LOVE to grill. Burgers and hot dogs can always be ready when you want them! But cleaning the dishes will be all on you.

Despite the (sometimes but not always) messiness of boys, they're still a lot of FUN!!!! And these boys could likely become your best friends! You can ask the boys for advice on your boy problems and they'll always have a lot to say!

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Cover Image Credit:

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