20 Signs You're Definitely A Theatre Nerd
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20 Signs You're Definitely A Theatre Nerd

Talk about #TheatreKidProbs.

20 Signs You're Definitely A Theatre Nerd
Carly Phillips

In a world filled with athletes, mathletes, and the other kids who don't do anything productive with their lives, live a group of people who love to stop what they're doing just to break out into a choreographed dance number and sing on-the-spot harmonies: theatre kids.

Theatre kids aren't your average, run of the mill people. Our minds think much differently than that of the average human being. Not even a dictionary could begin to describe what it's like to live and think like a theatre junky, but there are 20 definite signs that prove you are worthy of the title "Theatre Nerd."

1. You have a playlist of all of your favorite songs from all of your favorite shows.

If belting your lungs out to your favorite show tunes in the car with the windows down isn't your favorite thing ever, are you even a theatre kid?

2. You get geeked when you meet someone who loves theatre just as much as you do.

Not a lot of people understand your weird kicks and quirks and sometimes, it's not easy for people to understand you. But once you find someone who loves theatre just as much you do, you will be changed for good. (See what I did there?)

3. You spend more time looking for songs in your vocal range than doing homework.

What if you walk into an audition and they want you to sing any song you know in your key? Rather be over prepared than under-prepared, am I right?

4. 525,600 and 24601 are more than just numbers to you.

If you didn't sing those numbers just now, we can't be friends.

5. You prepare and make predictions for the Tony Awards all year round.

It's like Fantasy Football for people who don't like football. Or sports. Wait, what are sports?

6. You become best-known as the person who "played that one person in that one show."

Everyone has that one role that people recognize them for. It's that one role you executed so perfectly that no one else will ever be able to do it justice ever again. It's the "Hey, didn't you play *insert role here* in *insert show here* at *insert theatre here*?" And with pride you say, "Yes, that was me" as your insides burst with joy. You should probably just accept your Tony Award now.

7. Your body cringes when someone says "Annie" is their favorite musical.

Like no. Just no.

8. You cry when you realize you'll never be able to afford all of the shows you want to see on Broadway.

*checks for reasonably priced Hamilton tickets* *sees $475 on screen* *sheds tear*

9. You turn everything you do into a sporadic musical number.

Whether it's walking to class or eating a sandwich, you somehow manage to make a spectacle out of it. And besides, there is never a bad time for time steps or jazz squares. Everyone loves a good jazz square.

10. People who don't understand the stress of Tech Week make you very angry.

They call it Hell Week for a reason.

11. You'll take any chance you get to be in the spotlight.

"Oh what's that? You want someone to stand in front of the classs and hold a blank piece of paper? Don't mind if I do!"

12. Hearing the name Cynthia Erivo fills you with indescribable feelings.

On the real though, if Cynthia Erivo hit me with her car, I think I would thank her.

13. Discovering new music is a big deal to you.

Every once in a while, you happen to stumble upon music from a show you've never heard of before and then your world takes a complete 360. It's as if a huge piece of you has been missing this entire time and once the new stuff comes along, you suddenly feel complete.

14. Building your theatre resume is more important than building your professional resume.

I'm pretty sure saying that you played Elle Woods in "Legally Blonde: The Musical" is just as likely to get you into Harvard as an internship at a corporate law firm would.

15. "I can't I have rehearsal."

I think this one speaks for itself.

16. Competing for a role is pretty much like an episode of the Hunger Games.

We all know there's only one Wednesday Addams. And you don't want to be double casted. Happy call back games, and may the odds be ever in your favor. *whistle* *whistle* *whistle* *whistle*

17. You practice head shot faces in the mirror and in basically every picture you take.

The world is your stage, you never know who could be watching you. And practice makes perfect.

18. Finding Bootlegs of your favorite show is a Christmas miracle.

It's kinda like Netflix for theatre people. Except you don't have to pay for it. And the quality sucks. But it's fine because it's as good as you're going to get.

19. You have sad realizations that you'll never be as perfect as Sutton Foster on the daily.

How can one person be so talented, beautiful, personable, AND humble? The world may never know.

20. You love what you do with every inch of your being.

It's as simple as it sounds. Theatre makes us who we are. What make's us special, make's us strong. Everyday is an open door so go out there and razzle dazzle 'em.

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