20 Reasons To Have A Cat Or Two

20 Reasons To Have A Cat Or Two

Cats are the greatest creatures on Earth.


Having a pet is important! But, it can be hard to choose what kind. Here are 20 reasons to have a cat or two!

1. Their purr is calming.

Recent research has shown that that cat purring has helped cat owners in several significant ways. The purr vibrations are in a range of 20-140 Hz, which is known to be medically therapeutic for several illnesses. Petting a purring cat calms your nerves and lowers your blood pressure.

2. They love to cuddle.

It is true that some cats are loners, but there are a significant amount of cats that love to snuggle. Cats loves to snuggle in warm and soft places.

3. They can be litter trained, so no walks needed!

It's nature for cats to relieve themselves in dirt or even sand materials. All you have to do is show them the litter box a few times so they can remember the location and they will prefer to go there instead of on your floors and furniture.

4. But, you can train them to walk on a leash! Sometimes...

Leash training is the same as putting a collor on your cat. The cat just needs to get use to the harness being on their body. Once the cat is use to the harness you can hook the leash on and have the cat get use to it dragging behind and then you'll be able to start walking your cat shortly.

5. They're independent. You don't have to check on them 24/7 like dogs.

Cats do need love and attention, but recent study's show that they are much more independent then dogs.

6. No bath needed.

At least for an indoor cat, if your cat goes outside then you might have to give him/her a flea bath. But they are very good at bathing themselves, a barbed tongue to lick and they wet their paws to wipe their face like a wash cloth.

7. They Live a long time.

Domesticated cats have an average lifespan of 15 years.

8. They're great hunters! No mice will be bothering you!

9. They can be very entertaining!

10. .... even when they're not trying to be funny.

11. They fit pretty much anywhere.

12. They take care of you.

They're your family and you're their family.

13. And feed you, even though you don't want them to.

Cats tend to bring us dead things as a gift. Just try to pretend to be thankful and throw it out.

14. You can name them whatever you like.

There's Santa Claws, Nacho, or even Bob. You can pick any name for your cat just remember you'll be the one answering to it at the vet. Plus, if it is an outdoor cat, then you'll be shouting for it to come inside. I'm sure your neighbors would get a good laugh at you running around outside yelling for Tinkerbell to come inside.

15. They can also help with depression.

16. They like to share.

17. They LOVE attention.

18. They're like Ninjas.

19. They're Ticklish.

It's hard to tell the difference between being ticklish or just a reaction, but it's hilarious when it happens.

20. They can be a good workout buddy.

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