Macaroni and Cheese. Just three little words can bring such joy. The ooey gooey cheesy goodness can turn any frown upside down, and can turn any bad day into the best day. I bet, just reading these few sentences you are salivating at the thought of some nice homemade Mac right now. So, dear friends here is a list of 20 reasons why you should eat Mac and Cheese right this minute.

1. You woke up today so you deserve some Mac.

2. You put on real pants, you should eat some Mac.

3. You opened your computer and attempted to take notes in class while actually looking at cat videos the whole time, it's the effort that counts so you definitely deserve Mac.

4. You went to the gym today. Eat all the Mac your heart desires.

5. You didn't go to the gym today. Tomorrow is another day. Eat Mac today.

6. You brushed your hair, since that only happens every so often, lots of Mac needs to happen.

7. You saw sunlight today. MAC AND CHEESE TIME.

8. You watched Netflix all day. You are so tired from being so productive you should definitely eat Mac.

9. You wore your makeup from last night to class again. It's hard to look so good all the time. Reward yourself with some Mac.

10. You wore your leggings inside out again to campus. Life is hard, eat Mac.

11. You were able to get another shack shirt last night. Treat yourself with the good stuff, go to the store and get Stouffer's macaroni and cheese, because we all know that's the best.

12. You have a boyfriend. Cheers to being in a relationship, you can eat Mac and get fat because someone loves you.

13. You are single! Cheers to having fun and being the life of the party. Eat Mac because you are a beautiful ray of sunshine.

14. You talked to your mom and she wants you to be happy. Mac can give you that.

15. You ignored your friend when she was telling you about something you don't care about. Just nod and suggest going to get Mac together.

16. You were able to avoid eye contact with everyone while walking across campus. You are a Queen, eat the Mac.

17. You bought wine at the store. Want to know what goes good with wine? MAC.

18. You spilled sauce on your shirt while eating again. It's already too late, eat some Mac and be messy, the shirt is already done for.

19. You smiled today even if it was just at that funny meme in the GroupMe. You showed those pearly whites so add some yellow and chow on some Mac.

20. You want some Mac and Cheese SO EAT THE MAC AND CHEESE.

Moral of the story, go get yo'self some mac and cheese, you deserve it.