Reasons Why You Should Love Canada
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Reasons Why You Should Love Canada

"Canada is like a loft apartment over a really great party." - Robin Williams

Reasons Why You Should Love Canada
Hotline Bling, Drake

I had the opportunity to live near Toronto, Canada for three years while attending boarding school. Although Canada is right above us, our fellow neighbors have some places, food, and activities that I miss dearly.

1. Everyone is so nice

Yes, this may be a stereotype, but I swear Canadians are the most friendly people I have ever met. They actually say sorry for you bumping into them.

2. The scenery is unbelievable

Lake Louise for example, the best place to take out a kayak and enjoy the environment. Canada has breathtaking views and beautiful landscaping everywhere.

3. Tim Hortons

Sorry Dunkin' Donuts, but America should run on Tim Hortons. I would recommend the French Vanilla on a cold day, paired with delicious timbits in the birthday cake flavor. Let's be honest who doesn't love "roll up the rim"? You get to enjoy what your drinking and possibly win more free food or drinks or even a cash prize or car!

4. The winters are like nowhere else

Canadians embrace the cold and don't complain. You can see some Canadians walking around in flip flops and shorts during snow storms. Also, for any of you who thought Canadians live in igloos...I am sorry to tell you that is not true. But, we do enjoy pond hockey and carving up the ice in the winter months.

5. Sports fans

Hockey is dearly loved in Canada (being a Bruins fan was not so easy...especially if you remember what happened in Vancouver.) Canadians love this great sport and share a common bond over the teams. I enjoyed all of the time we would all sit in front of the tv and watch the game or even go to the arena occasionally.

6. Sidney Crosby

I think that says enough in itself. After all, who doesn't enjoy a good looking, athletic all-star hockey player? Ladies, I heard he is still single...

7. Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

What an awesome man! I wish I still lived in Canada currently because of him. He dealing with the world's biggest issues. He has welcomed thousands of refugees into Canada with open arms. He also sticks up for the rights of all people no matter what background, sexuality, race, or beliefs. He is truly an incredible leader for Canada.

8. Canadian Money

My friends in Boston often laugh at me in disbelief when I tell them that the paper money is scratch and sniff! If you scratch the maple leaf on the bills, you can smell maple syrup! Don't worry you won't look silly smelling the money, I used to do it too to see if it was the real truth. Also, the new money is printed in a way that it is almost impossible to rip, and each bill comes in its own fun color (blue, green, red, etc.).

9. Roots

The most comfortable sweatpants, sweatshirts and socks you may ever own! Roots forever changed my life. You must own something from Roots or you are not a full Canadian. I promise if you go out in public you will see a bunch of people sporting the Roots brand, especially in Winter. Order something online (I recommend the classic Roots socks or the classic Roots sweat-pant.)

10. Canadian Bacon

It's more than just fancy ham. It has a life changing taste. One piece surely won't be enough.

11. Poutine

The famous classic dish is definitely not like anything we have in the United States. It will leave your mouth watering wanting more. Many Americans go to Canada just for the poutine.

13. Did I mention maple syrup?

Canada has some of the most rich, delicious pure syrup around. I swear the pancakes and waffles taste a 1000000 times better with some 100% Canadian Maple Syrup.

14. Niagara's famous ice wine

My parents love this wine for its unique taste. You need to try it for yourself.

15. PEI lobster

Some of the freshest seafood around. Many restaurants all around import the lobster to their restaurants

16. Montreal

A city filled with history and culture. Many people who live there speak French. You may want to learn a few phrases before you travel. Also, Montreal is home to McGill University one of Canada's leading universities that is globally recognized. You will find yourself lost in the beauty of Montreal while discovering the new and old parts of the City. I'd recommend visiting the Notre Dame Basilica.

17. The education system

Canada offers exceptional college and university education at an amazing price. In addition, when you live within the province you gain special pricing. This is an affordable and worthwhile option for Americans who are looking for a great education at a decent price.

18. There isn't a lot of pollution like in other countries

Enjoy the fresh air Canada has to offer! There is so much forestry and land untouched to preserve the natural beauty of the country.

19. Dragon's Den

The original Shark Tank which is now in the United States. Enjoy watching a panel of judges share their opinions on individuals business proposals. Some of the commentary is quite amusing.

20. We have the best celebrities

Justin Bieber— I think that's a good enough reason in itself. Drake is from Canada too! And where would we be without his lyrics to caption our Instagram posts? We also have Céline Dion, for all the parents reading this. But in all seriousness, let's not forget Ryan Gosling. Melting ladies hearts since 1980.

Dual Citizenship anyone?

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