20 Rad Things To Do In Wyoming In Your 20s
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20 Rad Things To Do In Wyoming In Your 20s

It's not all Cowboys and Indians out here.

20 Rad Things To Do In Wyoming In Your 20s

Ah yes, Wyoming. Beautiful, wild, and rugged, with the lowest population of land locked states. It's awesome. But I bet you're wondering, what is there to do in the frontier? Well the land that brought you Chris Ledoux, The Munsick Brothers and Taco Johns really does have a lot to offer.

So here are 20 Rad Things to do in Wyoming in your 20's:

1. Yellowstone

Let's start with something basic, Yellowstone is the most acclaimed national park in Wyoming. It is beautiful with hot springs, wildlife, and God's wonders. Just whatever you do, don't kidnap baby bison or try to pet bear cubs.

2. Cheyenne Frontier Days

This is even more basic and I promise that I hate Frontier Days as much as anyone who lives in Laramie County, but it does have its moments. The Daddy is the largest outdoor PRCA rodeo. Not to mention the concerts, carnival, and all the other activities. If you don't go at least once, you're missing out.

3. The Legend of Rawhide

This spectacle takes place in Lusk during the summer. Though I have not personally been, it's on my bucket list and anyone and everyone who has gone says its a riot. 10/10 would recommend.

4. Go to a concert at the Cowboy

The Cowboy Dance Hall and Saloon is in Laramie and is the perfect venue for smaller concerts. The crowd is always awesome. You can swing dance your ass off, or just socialize in the bar. It's a personal favorite of mine.

5. Go to a UW game.

I don't care what sport it is, but if you go to a University of Wyoming game you will have a blast. The atmosphere is nothing but exciting and inclusive in the sea of brown and gold.

6. Go to a drive-thru liquor store.

That's right, one rare thing about the wild wild west is that we have drive-thru liquor and that's a pretty unique experience.

7. Stop at a roadside bar.

I know this isn't unique to Wyoming, but there's just something nostalgic about stopping at a bar that's not really part of a town.

8. Hit the slopes.

Guess what? Wyoming is cold and awful and winters suck, but somebody came up with a brilliant idea to make winter fun. Skiing is an underrated attraction in WYO, but it's still pretty gnarly.

9. Late night road trip through an underpopulated area.

So my college roommate from Grand Island, Nebraska came and visited me here and all she could do is talk about how well you could see the stars out here. Just drive around and watch the stars, you won't regret it.

10. The College National Finals

You haven't really party until you've been at the largest gathering of collegiate cowboys and cowgirls in the country.

11. Go to a concert featuring a Wyoming band.

What really comes to mind first is Chancey Williams & The Younger Brothers, Ian Munsick, or Tris Munsick and The Innocents, but it you go to a concert like this you will be amazed at the atmosphere. There's just something about supporting a "hometown success".

12. Ledoux Days

In the middle of June in Kaycee, Wyoming there is a special festival to remember the bareback rider and singer Chris Ledoux, and I think that's pretty neat.

13. Stop in a town, that's not really a town.

There are a ton of unincorporated towns in Wyoming. Or there's Buford, population: 1. If you're not going to stop, drive through slowly.

14. Go to a "Public" but not so public lake.

There are a lot of little hidden lakes in Wyoming. They are tucked in the mountains and forgot about, but still open to the public. Grab some friends, some beers, and dive on in.

15. Go vision questing.

That's my way of saying get out into nature and explore. Climb Medicine Mountain, walk amungst the sage-grass. Do what you got to do.

16. Take the Instagram opportunity waiting for you in Jackson.

Pose under those elk-antler arches! 75 likes minimum.

17. Go ghost-hunting.

For being so short on people, Wyoming is never short on ghost stories, and there's just something about scaring yourself shitless that's just so much fun.

18. Go to a "party in the pasture.'

This usually includes as many people as the community could spare, a large fire, and lots of alcohol. \

19. Arrow-head hunt.

Being raised on a ranch in Meriden, Wy. I was taken arrow-head hunting a lot as a child, and it's still an enthralling feeling today when you find one.

20. Enjoy solitude.

Listen to me, you do not always need company to have a good time. Go to the top of hill, and just look over things. Enjoy that you can be miles from any other humans, cause that's almost impossible, but that's Wyoming.

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