20 More Questions Valdosta Students Are Dying To Know
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Student Life

20 More Questions Valdosta Students Are Dying To Know

The questions that most VSU students are struggling to find answers to.

20 More Questions Valdosta Students Are Dying To Know

One of my fellow Creators wrote an article very similar to this one addressing questions every Valdosta State student has been wondering since the moment they stepped foot on campus. Well, I wanted to take it a step further and address just a few more that I am dying to know!

1. Why does it feel like we are constantly struggling to redefine ourselves every semester, with trying to make dean's list, or even just attempting to pass our classes and keep Hope? #Csgetdegrees

2. Why is Waffle House such a thing at 2 am? I would be a heck of a lot richer if there weren't so many so close to campus. What seems the craziest is that the one closest to campus even has a bodyguard, is it going to get that dangerous over breakfast food?

3.Why is the tutoring center not open 24/7? The prime time to do homework is late at night, not during the day when we are drowning in class after class.

4. Why does EVERYTHING on campus close on the weekend, residents are clearly still here and want more options? By the time Sunday night rolls around we are all literally sick off of Palms from the past three days.

5. Why is everything so expensive on campus? I am sorry I barely have two dollars to my name and have to keep adding money to my flex to do laundry. It does not cost six dollars for a little box of cereal, but in the Langdale market it does.

6. Why does it always feel like the world is going to end before you get your food at the Grille? It does not take forty five minutes to make a salad. By the time we get food it's like our appetite is gone. And then the employees get an attitude when you ask where your food is at.

7. Can we just turn the fountain into a big bubble bath, again? I mean it would be a lot more useful during finals week to help destress.

8. Can we just leave the Christmas lights on the front lawn up all year round? Honestly, Christmas time at Valdosta is so breathtaking when you drive past campus I would live to see that every day.

9. Can Friday classes and 8 ams just be a thing of the past? I think in general as a student population would be a lot happier!

10. Honestly, why did we get rid of Hopper dining hall at all?Life was so much better when we had two buffet options.

11. Why do we even have forty five minute parking spaces, if the parking cartel is going to give us three tickets in the matter of ten minutes?

12. Why does it feel like a trek to the Sahara desert to go get your car from Sustella, could students on campus have a closer parking deck? Please and thank you!

13. For as much as we pay for transportation can they run the buses more often? Itis ridiculous that we can make it somewhere WALKING and the bus will still be in the same place.

14. Why is the Happening at such a horrible time of the day? If this could be changed to sometime later in the evening that would be awesome! Since so many freshmen are missing on a key time to get involved because they are stuck in class.

15. Who came up with the idea of expanding Palms and getting rid of two restaurants?Life was so much better when I could get my slice of cheese pizza at Papa John's every Monday night for $3.33. I get it on Fried Chicken Thursdays and around lunch time extra setting is necessary, but another time it's just a few tables taken.

16. Can we just cancel class every Monday for bad weather?

17. I never get a donut brought to my class on north campus when President Carvajal was blessing others', how can I make this happen again?

18. Is the legend true about the West Hall seal? Cause I am pretty sure I know people who have tested this theory and still graduated on time!

19. Why does the health clinic prescribe 800mg ibuprofen for EVERYTHING? It's like they want to make us feel too good, so we don't come back!

20. Can we just give Vstate a round of applause for truly caring about their students and trying to be the real MVPs by responding back to our questions, even if it's the answer we don't want to hear?!?!

Honestly, I love going to such a diverse school with so many opportunities to be successful! It's never perfect, but nothing in life worth working for is going to come easily. Thank you VSU for helping me grow up and shaping me into the women I am today. No matter what decisions I made coming to Valdosta was probably one of the best!

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