20 Little Moments of Happiness in Every Day
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20 Little Moments of Happiness in Every Day

20 Little Moments of Happiness in Every Day

The next time you're having a bad day, just try to think about all the great little things that happen every day and the warm fuzzy feelings that they give you inside. So sit back and close your eyes and start smiling.

1. The bright shine from the sun through your window in the morning that welcomes you back to Earth from dreamland.

2. The way you stretch and yawn with your whole body in the morning, awakening every muscle, the bones cracking and getting all tingly.

3. The feeling of coming back from class or work to a fully made bed that draws you in and makes you feel all sorts of cuddly.

4. Watching the water from the shower head fall onto your body in slow motion, and the way that the droplets splash and splatter when they hit your skin.

5. The zings of minty-freshness in your mouth just after you brush your teeth. Go ahead, smile. Check out those pearly whites.

6. The way that your first sip of freshly brewed coffee fills your insides with warmth, sort of burning a little but definitely worth it.

7. Getting dressed for the day and totally checking yourself in the mirror. Because yeah, you're looking OH SNAP.

8. That first bite of mouth watering, finger licking food at any meal that you just want to taste forever. Lets be honest everyone knows the first bite is so much better than every other bite.

9. Carefree flirting with anybody and everybody who catches your eye, and totes getting the vibes from them that they just checked you out.

10. Looking at the clock and realizing work's almost over. Bring out the dancing lobsters.

11. Crossing tasks off your to-do list and feeling like a total BOSS.

12. Finishing a workout and feeling like you're literally on top of the world, exhausted but totally amped on life.

13. Changing out of your clothes and into pajamas. Goodbye jeans, hello sweatpants.

14. When you're emptying your jean pockets to do laundry and you find ten dollar bill. Score!

15. Going through old pictures of family and friends and reminiscing the good ol days.

16. Peeling a clementine in one peel.

17. Receiving mail that isn't a bill. You can breathee.

18. When the Starbucks barista spells your name right.

19. Knowing all the words to a song on the radio.

20. The moment your head hits the pillow and you shut your eyes, your lips making one more little smile before you drift off to sleep and let your dreams take over.

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