20 Hilarious Memes From The Olden Days
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20 Hilarious Memes From The Olden Days

To Brighten Up All Your Todays

20 Hilarious Memes From The Olden Days

One of my new favorite useless obsessions are what the internet has dubbed 'classical memes' and #they #are #the #greatest #thing #ever. And if you dare to disagree, well then

Cometh at me Pinterest

Nothing compares to a man with his priorities straight

Maybe cats are the national pet of MongoliaPinterest

That time Eve set the bar for taming the male ego

You aren't special, AdamBored Panda

That one time Steven really didn't hear what his wife was saying and it cost him his life

She's never gonna see that pigeon againPinterest

Good one, Hamlet

Who knew Hamlet was such a rebellBored Panda

When vegans tap into their animalistic DNA

I think some plants may have been harmedPinterest

When it's Sunday afternoon and Paw-Paw starts his shit again

The picture of overreacting Bored Panda

And you're just like

This. Shit. Again. Pinterest

Whoever said the music of the olden days "wasn't real music" were probably the owners of that sheep

That is the power of music, y'all Pinterest

I mean, when was the last time a song made you look this deformed?

In da club like Pinterest

That time Amelia was never invited to another party again

It was worth itBored Panda

When Netflix doesn't just betray you, it also stabs you in the back

Nicely played, NetflixBored Panda

When they say something is an "age old problem" this has got to be what they're referring to

I've said it a thousand times Pinterest

When someone tells you they'll be there for you no matter what, so you put them to the test

When death gets aggravated with youPinterest

Tats are forever, bruh

Tattoos for lifePinterest

Only classy burns from classy ladies

Women just want walls Pinterest

Today's equivalent would be something like spending all your money on extra lives in Candy Crush so that's the only food you're gonna see for the next week (Pinterest)

Potatoes can save livesPinterest

That time an angel outdid Bartholomew and he got all salty like

Calm down, BartPinterest

Women in the olden days were just as sinister as what you see on Maury or Dr. Phil. Or soap operas (Pinterest)

All in a day's workPinterest

And again, if none of these tickle your fancy and give you inappropriate giggle, oh well

Nope, can't see 'emPinterest

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