20 Male Celebrities Any Girl Would Love To Spend 2019 With
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20 Male Celebrities Any Girl Would Love to Spend 2019 With

If you thought 2018's line up was good, check out this years.

20 Male Celebrities Any Girl Would Love to Spend 2019 With

Ladies, what a year it has been! So many new movies, albums, sports, and TV shows have come out in just one year and the men who produced/starred in them have not disappointed. Since my list for 2018 was such a hit (35k in views (and still climbing!)), I decided to collect my top picks for 2019. Again, while there are plenty of other men I could have added to this list, these were the top 20 I found to be most popular today. As the New Year approaches, be thankful for 2018 for blessing our lives with these good-looking men this past year. Here's to 2019 and the new dudes it will introduce to us, whether it be through music, film, or sports!

1. Noah Centineo

Admit it, you fell hard for Noah Centineo after watching To All The Boys I Loved Before. His character Peter Kavinsky made you have an unrealistic expectation for men when it comes to romantic gestures. Ever since then, he has stolen your heart and America's too. Ugh, just look at him! That adorable smile and his chocolate brown eyes could make any girls heart skip a beat. 2018 has been his year and I can't wait to see all the new projects he tackles in 2019. Noah Centineo, you are a dream!

2. Chris Pratt

If you can't tell by now, I have a thing for Chris Pratt. Anything he stars in, you best bet I'll be there to see it. He's so humble and just a genuine person which is so hard to find in Hollywood. He is a great dad to his son Jack and always puts his son's needs in front of his own. While Katherine Schwarzenegger may be his new girlfriend, she doesn't have a ring so he's still fair game! He's a manly man as he works on his farm, he has a great love for God, and he's easy on the eyes. Honestly, who wouldn't want to call Chris Pratt their boyfriend? Katherine is one lucky girl!

3. Dan Reynolds

If you don't know who Dan Reynolds is, shame on you! He's the front man of Imagine Dragons and if you don't know who they are...well...I strongly suggest you listen to one of their albums. Dan Reynolds made the news quite a bit this year with his divorce, his new documentary film "Believer", his new banging body, and his bands new album "Origins". While Dan Reynolds was hot way before he got his new fit body, the new buff biceps and six pack abs are working WONDERS for him. I've seen him in concert and pictures don't do the man justice. He's even more handsome in person!

4. Shawn Mendes

SHAWN! I love him so much and how could you not? Yes, he also carried over from my 2018 list to my 2019 list. 2018 was great year for Shawn (other than the Hailey Baldwin drama) as he released his self titled album "Shawn Mendes" earlier this year. He is deep and sensitive which is apparent in his lyrics as he talks about anxiety, mental health, and the struggles of dating. Shawn, if you're looking for a girl I know me and my friends are more than willing to step up to be your girlfriend. Honestly, I am shook that Shawn is still single. His dreamy voice, sweet personality, killer looks, and shy laugh is too cute to handle. I have a feeling 2019 is going to be another great year for Shawn.

5. Dylan Sprouse

It's amazing what a year can do! Last year, Cole made my 2018 list and now Dylan is making my 2019 list. As I stated last year, Dylan was a Disney Channel star for the longest time but disappeared after he graduated from NYU. Skip to 2018 and Dylan is joining his brother Cole back in the spotlight. Dylan has been busy as he opened his All-Wise Meadery in Brooklyn, New York earlier this year. He's also gotten back in to acting and stared in a couple films as well as one of Camila Cabello's music videos. While he might be dating Victoria Secret model Barbara Palvin, this doesn't mean a girl can't dream. I am so happy to have Dylan back in the spotlight and even more happy he cut off his long hair!

6. Nick Jonas

I speak for all past JoBro fans that a piece of us died when Nick married Priyanka Chopra in December. Nick has always been the most stylish and classy Jonas Brother so it's hard to admit he's off the market now. He's so sweet and every girl dreams of their boyfriend looking at them the way Nick so lovingly looks at Priyanka. Congratulations Nick! You deserve to be happy even though we are still "Jealous" of Priyanka.

7. Michael Bublé

Michael Buble is BACK! Honestly, this guy deserves nothing but the best. When we all heard he was making a come back after his son conquered cancer, our hearts fluttered. His new album "Heart" is filled with such passion it makes up for the fact we haven't heard from him in years. Not only can Michael Buble sing like an angel, but he also looks like one too. The way he talks about his wife in interviews is serious #relationshipgoals. Another one that might be taken but we can admire from a far.

8. Bruno Mars

This guy does not get enough credit for looks and his amazing musical talent. He released 24k Magic in 2016 but he's still riding the high of it's success. Bruno also more recently released "Finesse" with Cardi B and you're lying if you say that song doesn't make you want to jump up and dance. Sadly ladies, he is taken by his girlfriend Jessica but you can look past that when listening to his amazing music videos or buying a ticket to see him on tour.

9. Drake

Champagne Papi himself. Let's take a moment of silence to admire the work of art that is Drake...okay ready? I think I will forever be baffled that Rihanna passed on Drake. HOW COULD ANYONE PASS ON DATING DRAKE!? His beautiful brown eyes are easy to get lost in, he has amazing style, and the icing on the already perfect cake is he is RIPPED. If he isn't on your 2019 celebrity crush list, you're missing out big time.

10. Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is on every girl's celebrity crush list because LOOK AT HIM! While he has been in a long-term relationship with actress Eva Mendes, he is still quality eye candy. Like Milo Ventimiglia (see #16), Ryan also ages like a fine wine. He only gets better with age (even if he looks like he is still 29). Ranging from his wide variety of talents, his gorgeous blue eyes, and mysterious personal life, Ryan Gosling is the total package.

11. Tom Holland

Anyone else sob in the movie theater when they saw Tom Holland die in Avengers: Infinity War?? Yes, Tom Holland has made my list again this year. I can't imagine the world without this pure soul anymore. Tom is the biggest sweetheart. He is kind, caring, and handsome which is what ever girl wants in a boyfriend so it's amazing he is still single. Yes he would be the perfect boyfriend to bring home to meet your parents but he is also an incredible actor. 2019 has already informed us that we will be seeing Tom in many more films this year (even another film along side Avengers: Infinity War co-star Chris Pratt)! Tom, if Shawn Mendes doesn't reach out feel free to call me!

12. Ross Lynch

Netflix invested heavily on handsome actors in 2018 that's for sure. Joining the likes of Netflix star Noah Centineo is Ross Lynch. You may remember him from his G rated days staring on Disney Channel's Austin and Ally but I think you want to replace that previous version of him with the new Chilling Adventures of Sabrina version of Ross Lynch. Many were skeptical when he dyed his bleach blond hair to brown, but clearly he is pulling it off! Not only is he a good actor, but he is also a kick ass musician. Can you say double threat?

13. Henry Golding

2018 was great year because it brought us Henry Golding. He played the dreamy male lead in Crazy Rich Asians while also playing Blake Lively's husband in A Simple Favor. He has a beautiful British accent which as I stated last year accents can get you in life fellas and Henry Goulding is the perfect example. I am sure 2019 will bring us even more Henry Goulding films and I can't wait!

14. Timothee Chalamet

Deemed "The Internet's Boyfriend", Timothee Chalamet has been admired by all ever since he starred in Call Me By Your Name in 2017 and stole our hearts. It is easy to see why everyone is obsessed with him. He has perfect curly brown hair, a voice is as smooth as silk, and is an incredible actor who has portrayed some rather complex roles. Lily Rose Depp may currently call him her "bae", but know that he was "The Internet's Boyfriend" first.

15. Michael B. Jordan

Michael B Jordan was on a ROLL in 2018! He made jaws drop with his ripped body on display in Black Panther and Creed 2. If that's not enough for you, Michael B Jordan will ACTUALLY REPLY TO DM MESSAGES sometimes!! If you have crush on Michael B Jordan why not shoot your shot and try sliding into his DM's on Twitter or Instagram? Who knows, maybe you won't be left on read by this gorgeous human being.

16. Milo Ventimiglia

Yes everyone LOVES Milo Ventimiglia now since he portrays America's favorite TV dad Jack Pearson but remember when he was Jesse Mariano on Gilmore Girls? Milo has proven that men age like a fine wine as he has only gotten better looking since his Gilmore Girls days. Besides starring in the smash NBC hit This Is Us, Milo was in Second Act with JLo! Another celebrity that is bound to have a great year in 2019!

17. Gavin Leatherwood

I'm telling you Netflix did great in 2018 by introducing us to new male actors! This is Gavin Leatherwood. If he looks familiar you probably recognize him from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. If you don't recognize him, please go right now and turn on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix. If you aren't a fan of scary movies/ tv shows suck it up because it's worth every minute of fear to see Gavin on screen. It's very easy to get lost in his "tall dark and handsomeness" so don't say I didn't warn you! Also, if you don't follow his Instagram you're missing out on beautiful pictures of him such as the one shown above. 2019 is already going to be a great year because of Gavin Leatherwood.

18. Danny Amendola

Danny Amendola has been in the news recently for his rocky relationship with Nick Jonas's ex Olivia Culpo. Honestly Danny, you could do so much better than Olivia. Relationships aside, Danny is another double threat but in the world of sports. Not only did he play for the New England Patriots along side Tom Brady but he also plays baseball when he's not training for football. Recently, Danny got traded to the Miami Dolphins but don't worry you can still see him grace your TV during Sunday Night football. Thank you to the NFL for keeping this stud in the game.

19. Luke Benward

No surprise, another Netflix star Luke Benward joins the list. Looking beyond his obvious good looks, Luke is a seasoned actor who joins the likes of Ross Lynch and Nick Jonas for getting his start on Disney Channel. Before puberty hit him like a freight train, you may recall him from Disney's movie Minutemen. He's been in a few other minor films but 2018 was great year for his career. Not only did he steal our hearts with his southern drawl as Bo in Dumplin but he also played Melissa McCarthy's much younger love interest Jack in Life of the Party. Needless to say, Luke is not going anywhere and be on the lookout for this good looking dude in 2019.

20. Taron Egerton

Say hello to another Brit who will definitely make your crush list in 2019 (if he hasn't already), Taron Egerton! This 29 year old looked dashing in Robin Hood and if you haven't seen the movie I recommend it solely to see Taron and his skills with a bow and arrow. He was also in the Kingsman movies alongside Colin Firth which again I recommend only to stare at Taron some more. Taron is set to portray Elton John in the upcoming 2019 film Rocketman so don't worry, you'll definitely get your Taron fill in 2019!

Thank God for blessing our lives with these good-looking men this year!

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