I am finally turning 20. I thought that one way to celebrate would be to share 20 life lessons that I have learned so far.

1. The Only Constant Is Change

I learned this lesson through a very important person (Brandon Garland, hoping that you read this.) Change is going to happen, whether you like it or not. It is not something you can escape or avoid. So the best thing to do with the lemons life has given you is to make lemonade, meaning to accept the changes life throws at you. Sorry if you don't like lemons.

2. Always Consider The Advice Your Parents Give You

Don't ignore your parent/guardians advice. Consider what they say, especially when making an important decision.

3. Life Is Not Going To Wait For Anyone

Life is not going to follow your dreams for you. Go out and find opportunities for yourself.

4. Not Everyone Needs To Like You

If anyone hates you because of an aspect of your personality, don't waste your time trying to please them.

5. Learn How To Do Things On Your Own. Learn How To Spend Time By Yourself

You don't necessarily need other people there in order to be happy. Living your life through other people ultimately isn't pleasing. Having time to be alone can be good for you.

6. Do Not Let The World Suppress Any Characteristics That Make You Unique

When you are your authentic self, it is a great thing not only for you, but for others around you.

7. Don't Say No To Opportunities Just because They Are Outside Your Comfort Zone

If you continue to stay in a comfort zone, then you will never truly be living life.

8. Don't Compare Yourself To Other People

Comparing yourself to other people is not a good way to challenge your accomplishments. Furthering your accomplishments should be pushed furthered by your desires of wanting to see your dreams come to fruition.

9. Mistakes Are Sometimes Meant To Be Made

Although these mistakes help you learn life lessons. don't make a habit of making them.

10. Question Everything

Question what you believe and what you don't. Question whether or not you are doing the right thing with your life.

11. Don't Plan Out Your Whole Life

Although we all have objectives for what we want to do in our life, you should not plan every aspect of it. Things change, and so does your mindset. It isn't a bad thing to plan a couple years ahead, but it sounds really boring to have a plan for your whole life expectancy.

12. You Don't Have To Go Out Every Weekend To Have Fun

Staying in could, first of all, save you money, but it could also allow you to get closer to your friends if you have a night in with them.

13. Take Risks, Ignore People Who Tell You Not To

Don't jump off a cliff and expect to live, that's a risk you should probably not take, but changing your major to something you are very passionate about or changing jobs could really pay off for you.

14. Speak Out, Don't Live Your Life Inside Your Head

Have an opinion, be bold about what you think.

15. Try Not To Live Your Life Through Your Phone

I am not against sharing things on social media, but if you live every moment looking at your screen, then you are just wasting your time. Take time to live in the moment.

16. Your Past Is Just That

Don't dwell on the past. You cannot go back and change it, so why bother letting it torment you.

17. Don't Spend Time With People Who Don't Deserve Your Friendship

Don't keep trying to please people who treat you badly or ignore your attempts at friendship. There are other people out in the world who would appreciate you and would love to have you as a friend. Just as the saying goes in romance, there are plenty of fish in the sea. It doesn't have to mean romantic partner but also friendships.

18. Karma Indeed Is A Bitch

Reminder: everything you do has a consequence. Another reminder: be nice to people and don't make your bad day someone else's too.

19. Make Sure That YOU Are In Control Of YOUR Life

Letting someone else be in charge of the decisions you make just means they are in control. Make sure that you truly want to do something, and that you aren't choosing to do it simply because someone else wants you to. Remember it is your life to live, not other people's. In the end you are the one that will have to live with the outcome of those decisions, so even if they don't turn out well, you will always come backing having learned something from that experience.

20. Don't Expect For Every Aspect Of Your Life To Be Easy.

If anyone told you life is easy, they lied to you. Even if you were to take the safest path possible in life there would still be struggles. So don't worry if your life isn't all rainbows, and sunshine, just make the best of it until it clears back up.