Labeling: assign to a category, especially inaccurately or restrictively

Labels for people are everywhere these days, and most are perceived as bad. We make them for people and we receive them from society. We walk out the door and wear them on our sleeves. Stereotypes are probably the biggest cause for labels. We have all been there; some labels we wear with pride and others we try to bury. Some of them are true and some are false. Ultimately we do have the ability to decide which labels are actually true for us (and what we allow to affect us). Sometimes we lie to ourselves; we try to cover them up or deny the possibility of it applying to us. There are probably many “bad” labels that truly do apply to me, and maybe even some good ones that aren't entirely true. My goal is to change the bad and replace it with one that I wouldn’t mind being applicable. Many people will tell you not to let labels define you, but I want them to. I want to strive to be a good person and I want my good qualities to define me.

With that being said, here’s 20 labels I’d actually like to become:

1. Kind

2. Creative

3. Protective

4. Strong

5. Stubborn

This one might not seem like an ideal label, but I can say it's honest. Not only honest, but it's benefited me several times getting what I want.

6. Optimistic

7. Empathetic

8. Adventurous

9. Smart

10. Awkward

11. Bold

12. Confident

13. Humble

14. Personable

15. Loving

16. Funny

17. Loyal

18. Interested

Some may call this nosy... that would be true in my case. Nosy, but also, being intrigued and fully immersed in what situations I'm put in. Curiosity can get you in trouble but can also be the best teacher.

19. Honest

20. Original

Or weird or whatever term you prefer. It seems boring to be the same as everyone else. I don't mind being weird as long as I'm genuine.

Along with a few unmentioned others, these are labels I would want and hopefully, one day can attain. I would be even happier if they were all real, not just the occasional impression I give off to some people. These are labels I also hope to give people– instead of ever assuming the worst from someone. They’re positive and can be encouraging–giving someone just a boost of self-confidence.

I hope when you go to place a label on someone you choose one of these, or maybe a better one. I also hope if someone is calling you one of these that you won't scowl and tell them how bad labels are. I hope you wear these with pride, because there is such a thing as a "good label."