20 Feelings Only People Who Feel Too Much Understand
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20 Feelings Only People Who Feel Too Much Understand

Your heavy heart is a blessing in disguise.

20 Feelings Only People Who Feel Too Much Understand
Marie Chapuis

As the great Patrick Star once said, “the inner machinations of my mind are an enigma.” You're an emotional Rubik’s cube, have an unnavigable mind and wear your heart inside out. It’s an overwhelming burden you carry every day, but it's also a blessing in disguise. You’re a rarity, you express raw emotions without any care and it's a pleasant surprise in an increasingly monotonous world. To feel pain, love, happiness — all of it, is simply to be human. So embrace the “crazy” everyone sees in you, and stick to your stubborn opinions because it’s much more commendable than conforming to what other people want you to be. You’re an emotional wreck, but the best damn one at it.

1. You can somehow read people’s mind and formulate justifications as to why they feel or think this way.

2. You overthink your every action — how you structure sentences, how you compose yourself in public, to how you interpret things.

3. You can see the future and the consequences of every action, so you’re extra cautious with what you do.

4. Music brings you to a whole different dimension because every lyric pertains to you and has intimate meaning, it also provides momentary distraction or relief.

5. You’re too aware of your surroundings...so you just end up looking dazed and uncomfortable at every social outing.

6. You’re probably really awkward because it's a constant battle in your mind as to how to “act properly” according to social norms.

7. You’re pretty bomb at comforting though because you relate and empathize with people well.

8. You over-analyze everything said to you — whoever said words can’t hurt you is just completely false.

9. People either get you and your mind’s inner workings or not at all. The people who do are your homies for life.

10. Memories come back to you in constant flashbacks that overtake your mind.

11. You cry. A lot. Essentially how Kristen Bell describes it: "If I'm not between a three and a seven on the emotional scale, I'm crying," —AKA you cry if you’re too happy or too sad.

12. Your mind goes from 0-100 during times of high-stress. Every emotion you’ve ever felt just comes surging in and you blow up about repressed emotions you didn’t even think you felt.

13. You want to save everyone because you understand their pain.

14. You forgive easily because you only see the best in people. This may be your best attribute or your greatest flaw.

15.You trust a select few. Yet you have faith in all. Not quite sure how this contradiction works, but it does.

16. You’re a quote hoarder because they articulate what your mind can’t quite spell out, in more eloquent terms.

17. Your mind wanders. A lot. You’ve probably questioned whether or not you have ADHD at one point or another.

18. Your thoughts are most vibrant from the hours of 12 a.m. - 4 a.m. which keeps you up most of the nights.

19. You’re probably cynical because you’ve seen and felt it all — and the world isn’t looking too great.

20. Deep talks with fellow introspective friends are very important to you. You'll take any wisdom passed down to you.

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