20 Feelings Every Hostess Knows

Hostessing can be a great job, but there are some things that seem to happen every shift without fail. They can cause a simple evening to turn into a stressful shift full of ringing phones, long waits, and cranky servers. Though in the end of it all, your co-workers are your restaurant family, and family loves each other through it all.

1. When the dinner rush hits on a Saturday night

2. When someone insists that their call-head was a reservation (it's not)

3. When a 10 top walks in right before you were about to get cut

4. When someone tries to seat themselves

5. When you take a carry out order for the first time

6. When the phone will not stop ringing

7. When you get tipped

8. When your co-hostess wants to leave first even though it's your turn

9. When your co-hostess lets you leave first even though it's her turn

10. When a server complains about having a table with kids

11. When you're on an hour long wait

12. When it's a slow night

13. When someone asks where their name is on the list for the twentieth time

14. When you're slammed for several hours straight

15. When you accidentally mess up a carryout order

16. When all the open tables are dirty

17. When you accidentally screw up your own rotation

18. When you get cut for the night

19. When you finally get food after your shift

20. Knowing that your restaurant family is the best and you love them despite all the craziness

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