Everyone needs a good laugh every now and then, and in this day and age, the Internet is a great place to turn to for one. As negative as it has the potential to be, it is often the source of some extremely clever pieces of comedy and serves as a platform for hilarious individuals to express their creativity. Whether you're looking for a little something to cheer you up or just appreciate a good laugh, here are 10 photos and videos guaranteed to make you smile.

1. This dog who's earned himself a vanity license plate.

The driver saw the opportunity to turn an already adorable and consistent situation into a hilarious one as well.

2. This guy's brother finding a snake, mid-video.

He starts to pitch his original idea for the video but is interrupt by a real occurrence that is 10 times funnier than anything he could have come up with in advance.

3. Every single one of these types of photos.

They're all equally ridiculous and absurd, and make you laugh for reasons you can't explain.

4. "Chandelier" being covered by an up and coming artist.

The clip is perfectly timed and surprisingly in tune.

5. Loca the Pug.

The setup and the intro don't stand out from any other online video about someone's pet, but as the video continuous, hilarity ensues. It's hilariously crafted, extremely Irish, heartfelt and catchy to the point where you'll be humming it for the rest of the day.

6. God's gift to the aquarium.

It just is. The timing is perfect and a stoic seal dubbed with Christian rock is legendary.

7. The on the spot napper.

This little girl is a physical manifestation of the exhaustion in all of us, when taking a nap right here seems to be the only option.

8. The mind blown monkey.

His reaction is so human like, from the facial expression to the noise he makes, that you can't help but smile.

9. Musical pigeons.

They're so bouncy!

10. The Chewbacca Mask

This video went viral overnight and for good reason; not only is the mask itself a hilarious toy, but the woman in the video has the world's best laugh and is so beside herself with joy that it's contagious to viewers.

Bonus: The Chewbacca Mask in reverse!

A famous comedian parodied the original video with the roles reversed and it's equally as funny, from the mask to the sound effects.

Hopefully these clips and images made your day a little bit better! The key to making the best of a situation is to find the humor in it!