19 Tips For 19 Years

19 Tips For 19 Years

Recently, I turned the big 20. Oddly enough, I’m really going to miss being a teen. So in honor of surviving another year, here are 19 tips for 19 years.

Caroline Grace Stapleton

As I turn another year older here are some pieces of advice I wish I had known. Now, I am no expert but some of these tips could come in handy so sit back, grab a snack, and enjoy.

19 tips for 19 years:

  1. Exercise is a good thing!!!! It may not be fun all of the time but it might make you feel better and sometimes going for a random run is very calming for a restless mind. It’s hard to think about much when you’re trying to breathe.
  2. Naps are very underrated. Seriously, take them every once in awhile. I really regret wasting them in kindergarten.
  3. An apple a day may keep the doctor away but nothing feels better eating that dessert you’ve been craving all week.
  4. Once a week, do something that scares you a little. Fright can be healthy in small doses.
  5. Forgiveness is key to being a happier individual. Spend that energy on something fun, not on negativity.
  6. Try to go without your phone for a day. I’ve noticed I am always a little happier when I am not on it all the time.
  7. Always be kind to your others. TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED.
  8. Watch X-Files. Seriously, it is so good.
  9. Sometimes it can be a little scary to try a new activity that your close friends might not be a part of. Even though it might terrify you and you may start to psyche yourself out and say that you won't have any fun, you may end up having a ball and meeting some wonderful people.
  10. Appreciate free meals and free laundry while you can.
  11. Sometimes, it is totally okay to not know how or what to feel.
  12. Girl Meets World is a very good show and I do not care that I am a 20-year old who thoroughly enjoys it. It has some real quality life lessons in the plot.
  13. GO ENJOY NATURE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Sometimes low expectations are not a bad thing. Some of the best nights of my life have come from those where I didn’t expect much to happen.
  15. Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.
  16. Always have hope and try and see the good in everyone.
  17. T-shirt dresses and leggings are the only essentials you really need for college.
  18. Sometimes your friends make unwise choices. Don’t judge them! Just listen to them, be there for them, and make sure you are ready to give hugs and buy a lot of ice cream.
  19. My last tip, probably the most important thing I have learned in life, is that people change people. Surround yourself with those who bring you happiness, joy, are honest when necessary, and have a great capacity for love. My friends have made me a stronger person and I love them with all my heart.

Just remember, life is short. Try to live like Ferris Bueller and you may have the time of your life.

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