19 things to live by at 19
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19 things to live by at 19

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19 things to live by at 19

Being nineteen isn't anything special. It's your last year being a 'teen.' You're a year older than 18 but not quite yet 21. Every year you feel like flies by faster than the next. You are finally making adult decisions that effect the rest of your life whether you're in college or finding a job. Everything up until these moments didn't seem to effect you as much as the rest. As I grow up and make a few more mistakes, I wish I could go back and tell myself a few things along the way.

1. Things will change. It's okay to be scared of change and what's going to happen, but know that no matter what happens in life-- you will get through it. If something isn't meant to be, then it won't and if something is then it will be.

2. Take as many pictures as you want and can. There will be days when you wish you could go back to a certain place or time, and even though you may not can time travel I can assure you a picture will take you right back to where you were and how you felt.

3. You will never understand everything and everyone. Somethings in life you aren't meant to fully understand and that's okay. Don't worry yourself to death overanalyzing and questioning everything.

4. Know your worth and what you deserve. Don't ever settle or lower your standards for anyone. The person meant for you will go over and beyond (the extra mile) to be with you and show you how special you are. You are deserving and worthy of true love not half love.

5. Family and friends make life easier. Don't build your walls so far up that you're alone. There are so many people around you that love and care about you even if you don't always see it.

6. Make peace with what you can't change and learn to let go. Not everything in your life will work out the exact way you want it too. You won't be able to always change what went wrong or how something happened. Learning to let go is probably the hardest thing to do but will end up making you stronger than before.

7. Do things that YOU want to do. Make yourself happy and love who you are. Remember to find time for the things that matter most to you and will make you happy.

8. You will remember the nights out with friends over the nights staying in bed watching Netflix.

9. Making mistakes is apart of growing up and becoming who you're meant to be. You have to learn your hardest lessons by the mistakes you make along the way. No one is perfect.

10. Take time out of your day to pray.

11. It's okay to call mom on the bad days.

12. The people you meet and the hands you shake will help in the future. The more connections you make throughout college will help you get to where you want to be. Grades matter but I promise you people will remember your name and how you met them.

13. Always tell the ones you care about how much you love them and appreciate them. You are never guaranteed tomorrow.

14. Don't let your fears hold you back. Don't be afraid to fall and hit rock bottom. Don't let someone define your future and tell you that you can't do something.

15. It's okay not to be okay. Whenever something goes wrong, it's okay to break down and cry and not know what to do. Let it all out and remember it will pass. Everything is temporary even the pain and sadness.

16. Slow down and enjoy life. You are only young once. Go out with the cute guy from your english class. Go to that party on Saturday night with your friends. Eat 10 brownies if you want. Go on a random road trip with your closest friends. Go out to McDonalds at 2am just because.

17. Make time for the things and people that matter. No matter how busy you get and life gets in the way-- call your mom, go out with your friends, and remember everything will still be there when you come back.

18. Take chances. It's better to know it didn't work out than to wonder "what if."

19. Love yourself. Be so happy and content with who you are that you don't need anyone else's validation or approval. You hold the key to your own happiness and future, never let anyone take that from you.

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