19 Things Students Forget To Bring To College
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Student Life

19 Things Students Forget To Bring To College

Don't leave home without it!

19 Things Students Forget To Bring To College

You've unpacked the car and decorated your new dorm room, when all of a sudden you remember all of the things you forgot to bring and now need. To keep from forgetting what you truly need for college, check off the items on this list, and you'll be set.

1. Brita Water Pitcher

I received my Brita as a graduation present, and it's the best thing I've ever owned. The water at Lehigh isn't bad, but it tastes so much better after it's been filtered. Plus, you'll have a whole bunch in the pitcher to drink after a night out.

2. Water Bottle

Buying and storing plastic water bottles is annoying (and wasteful), so instead get yourself one that you can use over and over. Help save the environment!

3. Keurig

Since most colleges allow Keurigs, I highly recommend you get one. Even if you don't drink coffee, you can use it to make tea or heat up water for ramen or oatmeal.

4. First Aid Kit

Quite a few people forgot to bring one of these in my hall. Be sure to include ibuprofen, Tylenol, antacids, bandages, bandage wrap, Neosporin and whatever else you think you'll need.

5. Washi Tape

Washi tape is wonderful for decorating your room since it comes in all different colors and patterns. Also, it won't peel the paint off the walls, so you won't get fined.

6. Lights

Dorms are poorly lit, so bring along lights to brighten up your space.

7. Command Hooks

Bring more of these than you think you'll need, because you will use them. Once again, they won't peel paint off the walls, which is important if you don't want to lose money to residential services.

8. Quirky Pivot Power

The Quirky is great since Lehigh dorms don't have many outlets, plus it will protect your devices from potential power surges. And it's adorable because it pivots any way you want it to.

9. Speakers

Nothing feels better after a long study session than jumping in the shower and rocking out to your favorite songs. Everyone in my hall did this and it made showering so much fun when we'd sing along together.

10. Sleeping Bag

Perfect for if you go on a club retreat, have a friend stay over or get kicked out by your roommate.

11. Business Casual Wear

A lot of students forget this at home, but it's important for those who may have a job interviews or a formal meeting.

12. Spirit Jersey

Perfect for cheering on the football team or when you are too lazy to look nice at that 8 a.m. class.

13. Backpack

Don't try to lug all of your books and laptop around in a purse or messenger bag, it will kill your back. Invest in a sturdy backpack that will fit everything you need.

14. Eye Mask

If you roommate is still up with the lights on, but you want to go to sleep, you can do so soundly with an eye mask on.

15. ID Holder

Keep it on your school lanyard so that you can easily swipe your ID without taking it out of the holder and losing it.

16. Memory Foam Mattress Pad

Dorm beds are notorious for being uncomfortable and unsanitary, so get a memory foam mattress pad to sleep like a baby without any bed bug bites.

17. Netflix

Netflix is a gift sent from God and what you'll be doing on most weekends.

18. Bean Boots

If you go to school some place where it snows, you'll want a good pair of boots. Unfortunately, colleges don't cancel class when it snows, so you'll be walking to class in the cold.

19. Rug

A fun and colorful rug can liven up any dull dorm room, plus soft ones make it fun to sit on the floor to hang out.

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