19 Things I Learned While Being A Teenager

As I am entering my 20s, I've realized just how much I've learned from being a teenager that will be useful in adulthood. Some of these things are great examples of advice that will stick with you throughout your entire life. All teenagers face rough patches, and some of these tips prove that you are not alone.

1. Love yourself.

Worry about yourself first and stop putting others first all the time. Life is way too short, and your own happiness matters the most. You can't love someone else unless you learn to love yourself.

2. Ignore the negative.

Absolutely do not listen to what anyone has to say about you, unless they are supporting you. Do not take any of the negative things to heart. Unless they are perfect, they have no right to criticize you or anyone for that matter.

3. Love hurts.

As scary as it seems, it will take you years to fall out of love with someone after a breakup. It will definitely sting for a while, but eventually you get used to it, so it does get easier.

4. Money is important.

Use your money wisely. Being a poor college student sucks. Don't waste your paychecks on pointless things. Save your money, because one day when you need it the most, it will all be there and worth it.

5. Choose friends wisely.

Your best friend should definitely be of the opposite sex. Of course you can have many best friends, but your main one should be of the opposite sex. There is so much less drama that way. It's like your partner, but not really. It's better.

6. Feelings develop.

Unfortunately, though, you will fall for your best friend at some point in time, I promise. It will happen, and those are feelings that you can't deny. It can either turn out good or bad, but that's just the way life goes.

7. Let people go.

Don't chase after the friends you've lost. Sometimes you're better off alone, or with very few friends. Keep your circle small, and only include those who do for you as you do for them.

8. The past is the past.

Let go of the past. Seriously, you can't really have a good future if you keep holding onto the past and referring back to it. And never compare your new relationships to your old relationships. Each one is very, very different.

9. You're beautiful.

Stop stressing over your appearance. Of course you should take care of your body, but you also shouldn't take it too seriously. Eat that extra piece of cake if you want to. You're beautiful just the way you are.

10. Work isn't that bad.

Your first job will probably suck and you will dread every single day and want to rip your hair out. But, your co-workers will literally become your second family and your workplace will be your second home.

11. Things take time.

Time actually does heal all wounds. Maybe 10 months from now, you'll be able to reconnect with your ex and simply just be friends and maybe it'll turn out great. Or maybe you could even try out your relationship again. Maybe the person was right, but the timing was wrong the first time.

12. Love isn't that special.

Relationships are not everything. Do not waste your time crying over someone that treats you badly. You're better than that, sweetie. Keep your chin up. Enjoy being single and have fun. Enjoy your youth before it comes time to settle down for your future.

13. Face your struggles.

It's okay to admit that you're not okay mentally. Everyone has their own issues and demons that they need to face. You are not alone. You have support.

14. Family is everything.

They really are. They stick with you when not one other single person does. They are your backbone. No matter how tough times may get, they will not turn on you and they will always love you.

15. High school ends.

You’ll have friends in high school that you will be so close with, and you think you will keep them forever. Odds are, you won’t speak to 99% of them after graduation because everyone parts ways. It’s sad, but true.

16. You'll get hurt.

Often times, the ones that you never expect to hurt you are the ones that will hurt you the most. Those same people that promise they’ll never leave you are usually the ones that do. That’s just life. It isn’t fair, but then again, life is never fair.

17. You are human.

People make mistakes. Let it go. A real relationship or friendship should be strong enough to withstand these tiny mistakes. You have to fight for each other and fight through it. Do not give up on one another.

18. Be patient.

Stop trying to rush to find the right person. The right person will come along and take away all of the pain from your past. They will love you the way you finally deserve to be loved. Don’t go out looking. Just wait. It’ll be worth it when it comes to you.

19. Be yourself.

Never pretend to be something you’re not, especially not to please someone else. You were put on this Earth to be unique. Show everyone who you really are, and most importantly, don’t ever be ashamed of who that inner you really is.

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