By the time this is published I will have already made the big leap from 18 to 19 (which is weird because I instinctually still tell people I’m 17). I can say without a doubt this has been the single most formative year of my life, in both the degree of I’ve changed and how those changes have come about. I’ve had a lot of fun, but I’ve also learned a lot of lessons about the greater world, my immediate world, and about myself. I hope each and every single pieces of wisdom here can help you. Also disclaimer, I’m not saying these are all necessarily true, but rather that I’ve found these observations to be true.

1.I love oatmeal

Pretty simple one to start off with. It’s healthy, tastes great, easy to make, and a fantastic way to start your day.

2. Making money and living your dream aren't mutually exclusive

I think there is a common held belief that you can either love your job or make a lot of money, and from observing other people, I now know this isn’t the case. Sure, work is work, but you can enjoy it.

3.You can't help everyone

Change is hard. Just because you’ve changed and something worked for you, doesn’t mean it will work for someone else.

4.Some people aren't worth it

Some people rise will never fail you, but some will let you down time after time. The latter kind of person is often not worth having play a major role in your life.

5.You can learn to love what you hate

Not advocating for living some miserable existence here, but it’s true. Whether it’s a certain food or task, my past notions are just as often proven wrong as they are right, and only time can change opinions.

6.Parents are people

This has been a big year for how I see my parents. It’s easy to de-humanize people who are older than you/who you see every day, whether that be a teacher, a coach, or a parent. However, they are people to, with hopes and dreams and emotions and justifications, and it is important to realize that.

7.I've had world class parents

I always knew I had good parents, but it wasn’t till I heard about other peoples’ parents at college that I realized my parents really are a cut above the rest.

8. College isn't one big party

Despite what Hollywood would tell you, it’s really not. There are ups and downs, homework and quizzes, quiet nights and wild nights, kind of a mixed bag.

9.Going to bed early is kind of awesome

Wild nights are great, but waking up with 10 hours of sleep and not having shot the day sleeping in is also amazing.

10.Your world can change in an instant

This can be positive or negative. Whether it is drinking a certain sports drink that hospitalizes you, or moving into a dorm room, your whole world can change like that.

11. Your self image can, and will, change all the time and that's ok

Still trying to grasp this one, but I think how we see ourselves is one of the most interesting topics in the world, and the image we have of ourselves can change depending on a million factors, both physical and non physical factors.

12.Small parties are better than big ones

Like I’ve said, there are quiet nights and wild ones, but contrary to popular belief, a party of 8 where you know everyone is far better than a party of 400, personal experience confirms it.

13. Just cause someone cares about you doesn't mean you have to take their advice

Having people in your life who care about you is a blessing. This being said, it’s your life, so take their advice into account, but make your own decisions.

14. Starting a paper 3 weeks ahead and 5 days ahead will result in different grades, no matter how good you are at the class

Learned this one on my most recent Political Science midterm, starting ahead and breaking the work up makes for a much better finished product, no matter your cramming skills.

15.“I was drunk” is never a legitimate excuse

I’ve used it, you’ve used it, and we’ve all used it. Anytime I’ve said it, or heard someone say it, I know that being drunk doesn’t matter. Intoxicated or not, you have to answer for your actions.

16.Sometime people are better than you remember them, sometimes they're not

Distance changes everything. I’ve gone home from break and liked people a lot more than when I left, but sometimes the opposite does occur. People change, accept it.

17.People are a product of their parents

I can track the vast majority of qualities I have to qualities held by my parents, and can do so with some other people as well. Think of it as a context for peoples lives.

18.The only way to get out of a bad situation is to work out of it

Hard work pays off, no matter the situation.

19. It's ok to miss home

I really do like college, but that doesn’t mean I don’t miss home and that’s ok.