Life is a true learning experience; that's what makes it so awesome. In my opinion, college is a time designated for figuring some things out, which calls for lots of lessons that end up being really useful some day. Although I still have a lot to learn, here are a few things that I have picked up along the way.

1. Nothing lasts forever.

2. What's meant to be, will be. Don't force it.

3. You deserve a lot more credit than you give yourself.

4. It's OK to let go of things you do not want.

5. Drink lots of water.

6. Do not - I repeat, do not - take your high school friends for granted. You will miss them terribly.

7. Make time to call your mom, dad, grandparents. FaceTime your dog.

8. Listen to your favorite songs on repeat.

9. Sleep in on Sundays.

10. Reading is good for the mind & soul.

11. If he does not chase after you, chances are he is not worth your time.

12. Coffee cures everything; find a type that you like, because that'll be the only thing that gets you through studying some nights.

13. Take your studies seriously.

14. Cut out people who bring any sort of negativity into your life; you don't need that, nor do you deserve it.

15. You will make mistakes. You will be mad at yourself for said mistakes. It happens.

16. Mix. in. a. water. You will thank yourself later.

17. Never forget where you came from, because that is such an important part of who you are today.

18. There is good in every day, even if you do not immediately realize it.

19. Do not take this life for granted, because some people do not have the chance to experience the greatness that you live through every day.