19 Things That Latin Students Know To Be True

Anyone who has taken Latin knows that there's a whole community out there of other students who understand what it's like to take a language that is no longer in common use. Studying the language of the Romans is not something to be undertaken lightly, but those who do so learn so much about the ancient world and the modern world around them. The language comes with so many inside jokes and understandings that are common for almost everyone who takes Latin. Below is a list of 19 of these ideas that, no matter where someone studied Latin, will probably ring true.

1. William Whitaker is your best friend.

2. You pronounce English words like Latin ones.

3. Derivatives are everywhere!

You often stop multiple times while translating and think, “So that’s where that word comes from!”

4. Everyone seems to know the inside jokes.

5. Cicero

6. There are many subjects to read, including poetry, science, and speeches.

7. Aeneas cries a lot.

8. Trying to explain declensions and cases to friends in other, modern languages is next to impossible.

9. The sense of accomplishment when you understand the grammar is incredible.

10. Catullus 16

It's the poem that you looked up even when your teacher told you not to.

11. Caesar and his ablative absolutes

12. You get to play Certamen during class.

13. There are Latin jokes all over the place.

14. You are able to read and write Roman numerals with ease.

15. You are able to translate the spells and understand the classical references in "Harry Potter" or other books along the way.

16. You have a better grasp on English grammar.

17. There is no set word order, especially in poetry.

18. The fandom surrounds Ecce Romani, even if this wasn't the textbook that your class used.

19. The bond of a Latin class and with other Latin students is forever.

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