1. It's not necessary to cook for yourself, but it's much more fun to eat actual food than just eating a can of green beans for dinner (or chili from a frisbee).

2. You can't control how other people act-- you can only expect the best of yourself.

3. Reading good books spurs good conversation, and good writing.

4. Being alone is a good thing, especially if you're extroverted, because you can't base your thoughts on the people around you, and instead you're forced to form opinions on your own.

5. Life is already going to put pressure on you, so it's important to stay on your own team and avoid putting pressure on yourself that doesn't need to be there.

6. Needing an emotional crutch, like watching way too much Netflix, is okay, as long as you're aware that you can't live a vibrant and independent life if you use the crutches too much forever.

7. It's important to find people who don't have any expectations of you, and spend time with them often.

8. Life is full of never-ending possibilities. You aren't stuck on a predetermined path, and if you decide to do something different, that isn't wrong.

9. The best kinds of relationships aren't always clearly defined. Confusing relationships can still be really good.

10. Don't laugh at things you don't find funny. Don't stand for things that aren't worth standing for.

11. You don't need group consensus to make the right decision, but taking wise advice never hurts.

12. Always have a spare key.

13. You can never say "I love you" too much.

14. Write down the good thoughts when they happen-- you might need them later.

15. We are always teaching and learning. Make sure you aren't teaching hatred, or learning fear.

16. People are broken, therefore it's ridiculous to expect perfectly healthy and open conflicts between broke people. As long as you're working out of love, and trying to operate in a way that's as close to "healthy and open" as you can in that moment, you're doing well.

17. The best way to deflate a too-large ego is to go through 7th grade journals-- it will leave you with a healthy sense of humility (and yes, this is my actual 7th grade journal).

18. It's important to become educated about all walks of life. You don't need to agree with it, but you do need the perspective.

19. It's important to learn how to settle in and put down roots for a little bit, instead of always expecting to have to pick up and move. Be thankful for the moment that you're in.