Anyone who goes to West Chester knows that it is by far the most insane, fun, amazing, and beautiful school to attend. By now you've definitely figured out that the students here are their own special type of people. Here are 18 signs that you go to the best school ever:

1. Good weather, bad weather, you know any weather is a reason to dage.

2. *Snow dages are by far the best*

3. You fight over whether or not Riggtown has the best pizza (it does)

4. You attempt to wear heels out every single weekend and risk breaking your ankle on the terrible uneven bricks they call sidewalks

5. Scheduling an 8am even though you know you're going to skip it 99.9% of the time

6. You get lost finding your classes at the beginning of every semester because, let's be honest, the buildings can be a little confusing sometimes

7. Hating Lawrence as a freshman but for some odd reason miss going when you don't have a meal plan anymore

8. You bring WAY too much at the beginning of the year and are desperate for space even though you refuse to bring one thing home because you just might need it one day

9. You've spent endless nights in the library studying for an exam just to completely fail it

10. Failing a test / doing well on a test is also always a reason to drink

11. Waiting in line for hours for Starbucks on multiple occasions because you just NEED it

12. Homecoming & Greek Day are like your own little personal Christmas morning

13. Not going to any of the sports games but never missing a sports party

15. You get offended when other schools say they're the best (because then they clearly haven't been here yet)

16. Whenever you go home for break you, just wish you were back at school

17. You truly believe that West Chester students are their own special breed

18. You find friends that are just as crazy & weird are you and you wouldn't exchange them for anyone else

19. You would never trade your four years at West Chester for anything in the world