19 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit North Carolina

19 Reasons Why You Should Never Visit North Carolina

If you have ever considered taking a drive through the old north state, you may want to take a look at this list before you make a decision.


I was born on the second day of the ninth month and raised in North Carolina. In my short 20 years of existence, I have managed to be immersed in the culture of my home state. Although I wouldn’t trade it for the world, I thought it might be worthwhile to write an article warning those who may be interested in visiting North Carolina. Here are my top reasons why you should NEVER take a drive to the old north state.

1. They created Cheerwine-what kind of wine is that?

2. Their college basketball atmosphere isn't that interesting.

3. Speaking of sports, their football team isn’t that great either.

4. The tea there is way too sweet.

5. Everyone is way too nice.

6. The Lost Colony? Who remembers them?

7. I mean are airplanes that important?

8. Don’t expect to find good southern cooking here.

9. Fast food scene is nothing to brag about.

10. Neither is the Biltmore Estate.

11. Everyone says y'all.

12. There are no thriving cities.

13. Or beautiful waterfronts.

14. Or breathtaking mountains views.

15. Nobody famous comes from here.

16. "Andy Griffith?" Who’s that?

17. Colleges are...eh.

18. Who even likes Pepsi?

19. Why torture yourself with visiting a place like this?

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