Matthew Gray Gubler, more commonly known as Dr. Spencer Reid of CBS's Criminal Minds, is simply a joy. He's quirky, eternally happy, and also happens to be easy on the eyes. He can brighten your day just by being himself, and as the end of the semester draws near, I know I'm looking for any minuscule ray of hope I can find. So whether you're trying to make it through the semester, are going through a rough time, or just enjoy Matthew Gray Gubler as much as I do, 20 here's gifs of him to make your day a little brighter.

1. This cute lil introduction

I think if this gif kept playing, it would get to when he says how ridiculous his name sounds.

2.Matthew and a little friend

Shock? Adoration? Childlike joy? All three? Whatever it is, Matthew's reaction to this little fella is the cutest.

3. Hot professor vibes

Am I the only one? Yes? Okay.

4. What a view!

And the scenery behind Matt is nice too.

5. Blowing a kiss


6. Magic, maybe?

Whether an actual trick is being performed matters not when you unveil the intensity of his cheekbones here.

7. That wink

Nobody else could wink and do an awkward little shimmy like this and hope for it to work, except Matt.

8. Matthew Gray GOOBler

Most people forget just how odd and goofy this man is. This little clip behind the scenes of Criminal Minds reveals his true self and I love it.

9. Birthday Boy

Sadly, he's much over 30 now, but age doesn't change how pure and genuine that smile he gives is.

10. John Lennon-esque glasses

A happy lil blast from the past.

11. With the ladies of Criminal Minds

Exhibit B of Matthew Gray Goobler.

12. Matthew Gray Spookler

Things are getting a little spoopy!

13. This

I really don't know what to say other than this gif is absolutely mesmerizing.

14. That subtle smile

Cause of death:

15. "Brainy is the new sexy."

Personally, nothing cheers me up like a good book. Add Matt into the mix? Absolute perfection.

16. That irresistible smile

Truly a treasure.


You know you wish he was saying this about you...


...and this too.

19. Excellent advice

Now that your day is brightened, here's some motivation from the man himself to take to heart.